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Suicune Character Guide (ver. 1.5)

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Suicune Character Guide

(Ver. 1.5)
Type: Water
Classification: Aurora Pokemon
Dex No.: 245
Fight Category: Standard
Style: Projectile
Frame Overall: Slow


Generation 2 introduced many memorable Pokemon. Most notable are the legendaries which include Suicune, Entei and Raikou. Suicune was the one chosen of the three to become the only four-legged fighter in Pokkén Tournament. Suicune’s appearance in the game makes for a unique change of pace from the standard bipedal fighters. It holds the same calm and aloof attitude that has been seen in games such as Pokemon Gold/SIlver as well as the generation 2 movie, Pokemon 4ever. This would explain the simple, honest, and patient play-style that competitors must inherit to play this Pokemon properly.

Despite the execution and exhaust of certain frames, it’s a Pokemon that has a good range in attacks, and a hit box that makes for resourceful anti-air’s. It’s reputation is held in it’s projectile game that can make for good baiting potential, and it’s ability to also perform well in neutral fighting range. It’s large body structure makes for some interesting hurt boxes that should be studied, acknowledged, and respected.

This guide for Suicune is something that should make it easy for those who are new to the Pokemon to understand, and at least take a glimpse as to what this Pokemon can do. I have never made a guide before, but ever since it was leaked in early beta gameplay I fell in love with Suicune. I stuck with this Pokemon from early in the game, and I have yet to get bored it. Heck, I went so far as to nicknaming my Suicune Atlas, because of the same one I nicknamed in ORAS. That being said, hopefully this information will be helpful and informative.


FP: Field Phase
DP: Dual Phase
2: Down
4: Left/Back

5: Neutral (no direction input)
6: Right/Forward
8: Up
(): Press
[]: Hold


Standard Moves: Even though these moves may vary in execution depending on the phase, their performance against a Pokemon will remain the same regardless


Counter attack (X+A)/ Counter-hold [X+A]
    Impact: 33/53
    Block: -12/-8
    Hit: FP = Shift | DP= 8/ Knockdown
    Damage: 70/100

Suicune has the most unique counter attack in the game that can launch an opponent when released, or can be followed through by pressing Y for a knockdown. CADC (Counter Attack Dash Cancel) is a common trick for Suicune to use, because of the slightly enhanced movement that it provides in both phases. CADC can create a lot of pressure and mixups that are handy to try and throw another pokemon off. However, it can cost a lot of frames that can be punished if thrown around recklessly.
The negative on shield leaves this Pokemon vulnerable to faster framed attacks or grabs, which will result in a critical hit. It’s also worth noting that unlike most Pokemon, Suicune can not use CA to start up a combo. The only time this isn’t the case is when the Suicune’s CA launches the opponent against the wall, which will cause a Phase shift if the combo is well executed.


Counter attack Jump (X+A)+Y
    Impact: 21
    Block: -36
    Hit: FP= Shift | DP= Launch
    Damage: 70 or 100, 60

If desired, a player can go straight for the CA jump, instead of charging forward then following through with a jump. The CA jump can be a standalone move that is resourceful against i-frame (instant) moves. If read quickly, it can anti-air a Pokemon charging a dive attack, retaliate the first hit in a homing attack, or attack a Pokemon that decided to try a jump attack. This move should be used cautiously in Duel Phase. If the jump used on block it will be punished with by a grab, or a barrage of combos.


Grab (Y+B)
    Impact: 13
    Block: N/A
    Hit: Shift
    Damage: FP= 60 | DP= 90

Suicune’s grab is arguably the farthest reaching grab out of the Pokemon roster. But it’s also the slowest, which can make it easy for a Pokemon to escape and return for a critical-hitting attack. If the opposing Pokemon is closer, and attempts a grab, that Pokemon will get their grab, and cause a phase shift.


Synergy Burst: True Sheer Cold (L+R)
    Impact: 38
    Block: 8
    Hit: FP= Knockdown | DP= Shift
    Damage: 170

This eye-catching counter-burst creates a ring of snow and ice around Suicune that can catch the opponent from all sides, or push them back a distance on shield. It also has anti-airing properties that can catch Pokemon trying to dodge, or attack from above. Notable moves that can follow this move on shield can be Aurora Beam (A), Waterfall (5/6X), or even a Support Pokemon for offensive or defensive coverage. In field phase, Suicune’s speed will increase when performing a homing attack (X). This will not only cover ground impeccably fast, but can be used as a tool to force the opponent to press a button that you can mix-up. Even with all these advantageous properties for Suicune, it’s important to exercise balanced patience and pressure to get the most of this Synergized Pokemon.


Pokemon Moves

These are Suicune’s special attacks that allow for chip damage in both Field and Duel Phase. Some moves may change properties depending on the Phase


Aurora beam (A)
    Impact: 25
    Block: -28
    Hit: FP= Shift | DP= 8
    Damage: 60

This move has range that stretches across the entire span of Duel and Field Phase alike. This is especially resourceful when Synergized because of extra chip damage on shield, and a slightly bigger hitbox. In field, the direction can be changed to go left or right. This will help Pokemon attempting to escape from your beam. However, it’s end lag is painful to deal with. Because of the end frames which consists of Suicune’s cry, this Pokemon remains immobile for a few seconds after the move makes impact. This vulnerability results in an easy grab, or a fast-framed combo. It’s important to focus on what can easily be punished when the opponent moves, since the impact damage and knockdown can be very helpful.


Icy Wind/ Synergized Icy Wind [A]
    Impact: 52/44
    Block: 4/12
    Hit: Launch
    Damage: 50/72

Icy Wind is a resourceful move for Suicune because of it’s baiting and teching abilities. The longer you hold it down, the bigger the hitbox becomes. Pressing the R button upon release will allow you to cancel this move into a mix up of your choice. It’s a good idea to practice this move alongside other projectiles in order to pull for the most optimal chip damage, which will force CA or prolonged shield time. Synergized, this move is safer with a more reliable hitbox that can combo into burst, or burn past CA or CADC.


Hydro Pump (6/8A)
    Impact: 49
    Block: -24
    Hit: FP= Shift | DP= Launch
    Damage: 130

This move, like Aurora Beam, can cut through the span of the arena in Field and Duel Phase. It’s also worth noting that alongside the chip damage, it can be directed in Field Phase when properly timed. It’s start-up, and end lag frames make it very punishable so seldom should Suicune use this move. Because of how unsafe the move is, Hydro Pump will most likely be used as part of a combo, or it follows up a previous punish that led to a wall splat.


Blizzard (j.A)
    Impact: 44
    Block: 4
    Hit: FP= Shift | DP= Knockdown
    Damage: 160

Blizzard is a solid move that can rack up a good chunk of damage, or chip on shield. It also causes a strong knock back in Dual phase. The suspension in the air can be used to avoid CA’s that were prepared early, or to avoid a low attack. When Synergized, Suicune’s Blizzard causes the opponents to freeze upon impact. This allows for a simple combo follow-up to take the opposing Pokemon back to Duel Phase. Despite it’s intimidating pose, this move has no piercing properties, and has some end lag that can cause issues if you miss the opponent entirely or hit shield, and sit in place.


Mirror Coat (2/4A)
    Impact: N/A
    Block: N/A
    Hit: FP= Shift | DP= Launch
    Damage: 140

This move is very resourceful to make up for some of the frame and projectile properties that Suicune lacks to make it a solid projectile character. It has the ability to counter many moves, and should be used against Pokemon who use side-stepping projectiles. Next to no side-stepping moves in Field can pierce Mirror Coat, which makes this a resourceful reactive move. Timing this move will cause an instant release which will be hard to shield, or punish unless the opponent is Synergized. It’s also worth noting that if this move doesn’t get hit by projectiles, the end lag makes it vulnerable to projectiles that are executed after the Coat. It also has the ability to pierce, which will be handy for those who mistakingly try to CA or CADC after baiting Mirror Coat to begin with.

Field Phase: At the start of a round onward, this phase is the only time you will see these moves. Meant to help cover distance and allow Suicune to approach at it’s own pace.


Bubble (Y)
    Impact: 17
    Block: -19
    Hit: -10
    Damage: 20


Bubble is the move that scatters into smaller bubbles when it reaches halfway towards it’s opponent. This expands the hitbox, but doesn’t allow for any chip damage. There are options in which to follow this move with. A good follow-through would be to either use the Ice Wall (b.Y), or Side Dash (s.YY/s.YY]. Moving around will help create more pressure and allow for a chance to find openings.


Surf (f.Y)
    Impact: 17
    Block: -9
    Hit: Shift
    Damage: 80


A meaty, go-to water type attack that will knock opponents out of the air for an easy Phase Shift. Many opponents will sit in shield after getting confronted with this move. Some will CADC, so be mindful when that happens, because a grab is likely to follow. Aerial attacks will get snuffed out easily with this move, before hitting the target which will give you the bonus shift. If timed incorrectly where a Pokemon can move around the water, it’s severe punishment for Suicune. Looking for openings is necessary to get the most out of this devastating, projectile-killing anti-air.


Side Dash (s.YY) or [s.YY]
    Impact: 21
    Block: -16/18
    Hit: 3/28
    Damage: 20 ea.


This move can collectively run into an opponent, and follow up with Surf. If you hold Y however, the trajectory will chance a little bit. It may not seem like much, but it can come in handy when an opponent tries to either CA, or approach with homing. Most Pokemon have no problem running around these three bubbles for an easy attack or grab. Press this button patiently, and at a good distance to try and poke around and search for an opportunity to strike. Full commitment will lead to an easy punish that will cause a phase shift in the opponents favor.


Globe Drop (j.Y)
    Impact: 70
    Block: 39
    Hit: 53
    Damage: 30

This great ball of water is hardly going to punish anyone unless a hard read is made while the Pokemon is in the air, or if the move is used as an oki (a set up used while your opponent is knocked down and is getting up). It’s safe on shield however, and creates a huge chunk of pressure that has a second hit. This will push an opponent back while they’re on shield, and is a full block-string. Caution is to be exercised; make sure that this move can be used every once in a while. Combining this with Icy Wind, and Ice Wall against the wall will force an opponent to move with a CA or an attack, both of which can easily be to their disadvantage, because they can get hit with a punish, grab or Support Pokemon.


Ice Wall (b.Y)/ [b.Y]
    Impact: 25/45
    Block: -3
    Hit: 6/86
    Damage: 20/40x2


Whether it’s pressed or held will dictate how the stage is set with the next collection of moves. A common trick for Suicune is to throw out this wall as an oki. From there, they can run forward for a grab, or possibly an attack. But it’s also a good idea to throw in some more projectiles to mix them up and keep them grounded. This should be exercised most when Suicune has the life lead. Another thing to try with the Ice Wall is to set it up, then run around it. When your opponent starts running around, they may get caught in at least one part of the hit box, which gives Suicune the opportunity to punish. Optimize on it before they set up their shield or CA.


Homing Attack (5X)/(5XX)/(5XXX)
    Impact: 19
    Block: 0/-4/-8
    Hit: 9/5/Shift
    Damage: 20/60/120


This attack is as safe as the player makes it. It allows for a fast approach, or a baited grab if cancel (R) is used. It also has the ability to dodge certain attacks if it’s set out properly. Be mindful that depending on how the homing attacked is placed, again there is an opportunity for Suicune to stop and go straight for a pretty readable grab, or possibly a CA to engage the mixup.


Jump Dive (j.X)
    Impact: 20
    Block: -7
    Hit: Shift
    Damage: 80


Trying to reach your opponent in the air can be tricky, and there is nothing to do once you’re airborne, and then thought to try homing jump after the fact that even though they can easily respond. That being said, the Phase Shift from this move causes a knock-back that creates a lot of spacing when approaching Dual Phase. This will be handy against Pokemon that Suicune doesn’t want in it’s space.  


Duel Phase: This phase is where you will see mostly physical moves alongside projectiles that collect more damage, unlike the Field counterpart.


Light move (5Y/5YY)
    Impact: 17
    Block: -8
    Hit: 0
    Damage: 38, 34

Suicune will use it’s ribbons for a quick slap to the face. This move can be canceled into a counter, a Pokemon move, or used as a tick-throw. Since the first hit is safe, it’s good to look into other options or set some spacing after a hit or so.


Ribbon Drill (2X)
    Impact: 13
    Block: -16
    Hit: Knockdown
    Damage: 80

Crouching low to the ground and forming the ribbons into a drill, this move will knock an opponent down, or back on shield. It’s only as safe as spacing allows. If counter is charged, there is a chance for CADC grab. HOWEVER, there are some counters that Suicune can duck underneath for a nice punish later on. Use this move to keep opponents mindful of the damage that can be dealt to them if disrespected. The knockdown can be followed through with an oki. Preferably Hail or Icy Wind.


Light Combo (5YYY)
    Impact: 17
    Block: -8
    Hit: 8
    Damage: 32

The frames are even, no matter how many times Suicune chooses to throw out the ribbons. However, after the first two hits, the third one will allow for a counter to which there is no escape from. While in burst mode, this move can be canceled for an easy burst. Since the third hit of ribbons are unsafe, opponents will begin charging their counter. This is a chance to make Counter your baited strike.


Light-Drill (YX)
    Impact: 17
    Block: -16
    Hit: Knockdown
    Damage: 38, 63

Like the Ribbon-Drill, this move is one that can dodge high stance attacks, and can push the opponent back on shield. But it’s a move that requires commitment, so if a Pokemon chooses to charge a CA then it’s a free punish. Look for opportunities where the Pokemon is already spaced away from you to keep them at bay with this attack.


Light sweep (2Y)
    Impact: 9
    Block: -8
    Hit: 4
    Damage: 30

This move is a light tickle against an opposing Pokemon, but it’s safe nonetheless. Also worth noting that it will stop a grab in it’s tracks, which is an easy critical hit. It causes most Pokemon to go back in shield if hit. It’s a good idea to keep the pressure rolling with this move or go for a grab, otherwise the opponent will just try to attack again. Plus, they will have the edge when it comes to the mixup.


Spinning Kick (6Y/6YY)
    Impact: 17
    Block: -20/-12
    Hit: 0/Launch
    Damage: 62/62,52

The up side to this move is that it causes a lot of damage, and it starts up Suicune’s famed combo. Standard, but it gets the job done, as it drags the Pokemon from one side of the field to the other in Duel Phase. However, it is dangerously unsafe unless you mash buttons well in advance to avoid the inevitable punish (unadvised btw). The frame count and end lag make this move one that you only throw out when you know you can punish the opposing Pokemon accordingly. Preferably ideal against a Pokemon that’s coming down from the air, or to dodge a low CA or grab.


Jump Dive (j.X)    
    Impact: 24
    Block: -4
    Hit: 24
    Damage: 60


Suicune strikes fast with this attack, coating itself in ice to crash into the opponent. If the Pokemon is on the ground, it will cause stun. That stun can be used for many combos that can lead to a wall splat upon Phase Shift. If the opponent is in the air, the knockdown will push the opponent back. Depending on how the dive hits, and the location in Duel Phase, will dictate the best course of action to optimize on your opponent. This move should be used to create spacing if it hits a shield. Otherwise it can be called out with a simple grab if you stay in one place after hitting the shield.


Skull bash (4Y)
    Impact: 9
    Block: -12
    Hit: Knockdown
    Damage: 80

I’m well aware that this move represents more of a Headbutt. But being that I’m short on creative names, let’s just roll with this. This move is reliable when it hits; It causes a knock down, it kill grab attacks, and it can help start combos for Pokemon that are jumping in front of you because the hitbox makes it a pseudo anti-air. Interesting enough, Skull bash can also be used as a low that shoves the opponent back. Following through with an oki will force shield on wake-up. This move is very heavy though, making it unsafe on shield. It’s better to watch how your opponent moves, and go for this attack when you know there is a given punish.


Headbutt (8Y)
    Impact: 13
    Block: -8
    Hit: 20
    Damage: 60

This anti-air is great for oncoming attacks, or for knock-back. If the opponent is knocked upward, this move can be followed through with Aurora Beam or even Suicune’s BnB (Bread and Butter; the most ideal combo for Suicune to use). Hydro Pump can also be used for more damage, and a Phase Shift.

Waterfall (5/6X)
    Impact: 21
    Block: -8
    Hit: 8
    Damage: 80

This is a dreaded move for Pokemon who commit to a move that is meant to cover ground and hit hard. It makes a great meaty on wake up, which will force opponents to think twice before getting up to just attack. You can either keep this move close to apply shield pressure, or use it far away to threaten a Pokemon who tries to get in your space recklessly. Waterfall can be canceled, which makes for great mix-up bait depending on how your opponent responds. Keep in mind this is the only projectile that can shatter a shield. But it can be tricky, and easily punished if thrown out incorrectly. If an opponent decided to try grabbing when you input this move, it results in a launch. Use that to your advantage to send them back into Field Phase easily.


Barrel Roll (7/8/9X)
    Impact: 21
    Block: 4
    Hit: 8
    Damage: 80

Wrapping itself into a ball, Suicune can use this move to muscle through low-stance moves, avoid and knock out low counters, crush grabs for a reset, and catch aerial dodges and attacks. It’s a safe move that can be adjusted to move towards or away from your opponent. The button press can be tricky, but it pays off when it helps provide the necessary footwork needed to keep Suicune in the game. It’s solid shield pressure move, that can cause an opponent to throw out a counter carelessly.  


Upward Aurora Beam (7/8A)
    Impact: 19
    Block: N/A
    Hit: Launch
    Damage: 72

Similar to waterfall, Aurora Beam can catch an opponent out of the air. It’s a sizable hitbox that can catch an opponent so long as their airborne with no CA armor to protect their descent. In Duel Phase, this beam can be directed upward (8) or closer to you (7),  to create a juggling anti-air which can be sent into a few combos. Like the standard Aurora however, even though there is a little armor, it has end lag which can be punished. look for anti-air opportunities to make the most of this move.


Hail (2/3A)
    Impact: 71
    Block: 39
    Hit: 47
    Damage: 20

An excellent pressure and chipping oki tool. Hail has two angles that can be controlled to catch an opponent who lingers in the air, or catch a CA that has lost it’s armor. It’s really handy to bait a shield, or force your opponent to stay on shield a little longer. This can allow for more chip damage. However, it’s slow making it very unsafe when an opponent is close. When an opponent is in your face, this move should be avoided, otherwise it will be a free punish that can be anything from a combo to a grab.


Water Gun (j.Y)
    Impact: 13
    Block: 12
    Hit: 24
    Damage: 36

This is the move that Suicune relies on the most, and for good reason. Very safe, keeps distance, and applies pressure with a small chunk of shield damage. An opponent has to be careful when this move is used consistently. When Synergized, this move has two projectiles shooting out instead of one. This move is great to use to apply pressure alongside Hail and Icy Wind. However, like hail, it shouldn’t be used up close. They are zoning moves for a reason, and should be optimized as such.

Now that the moves have been laid out in such a way that they’re understandable with all their properties and data, next comes the part where we look at how best to use them for the most optimal results.


Field Phase: This is the time to take all those projectiles, and strut your stuff in this Phase. Creating as much space and mix-ups as you can to force your opponent to throw out a move and choke. If Suicune sets the momentum in Field phase, it’s easier to keep the rules your way in Duel Phase.


Shock Coat: Here’s a neat little trick in the Suicune ditto (pray for patience when you have to face one); If an opposing Suicune throws out Globe Drop (j.Y) for whatever reason, and you have Emolga ready, use it. The Globe Drop is so slow, that they will get hit by Shock Wave (Emolga), and you can STILL punish them with the Globe via Mirror Coat (2A). It scales, but you get the de-buff, the Phase Shift bonus, and tons of spacing to use to your advantage (I believe you get critical damage too). Not a bad exchange is it?


Surf’s Up: Most aerial projectiles will get fizzled by Surf (8Y). Including charged moves, like Garchomp’s Sand-attack which pulls you in towards him. The only exception known so far is Sceptile’s f.Y (?)

In for the Kill: If the Side Dash (s.YY)/[s.YY] is used properly, and the opponent get’s hit by at least one bubble, you can use a charged assist to get some scaled damage, or you can finish them off with a Homing Attack (n.XXX).


A Coat for the Cold: Ice wall is a handy move in Field Phase. Remember as mentioned previously, the oki pressure is great and you can collect almost 200 hp in damage if you use it alongside your Homing Attack. But if an opposing Suicune reads it, the wall can be Mirror Coated almost instantly. Be careful.


Weathering the Odds: In field phase, Ice Wall (b.Y)/[b.Y] is your best friend. Once you use it, be sure to move back and around it to force the wall to hit your opponent. At the same time, it will prevent a lot of projectiles from hitting you. This makes your opponent vulnerable forcing them to move and poke some more. This will give you a good opportunity to strike.


Support Sniping: When a Support Pokemon is thrown out that leaves the opponent in a summon pose, use Aurora Beam to cause a Phase Shift to Duel Phase. Supports to challenge in Field include Mismagius, Magikarp, Reshiram, and Rotom, as their moves will be rendered useless upon Shift.


Duel Phase: Practice those footsies and cancels, because those will be your go-to methods in Duel Phase. Because of it’s honest moveset, Suicune will rely on a a lot of steady movement and shielding in this Phase. Be patient in choosing whether to attack or approach.


Snowed In: When Blizzard (j.A) knocks the opponent to the wall, follow-up with Waterfall (5X) and Ribbon drill (2X) For a clean approximate 300 hp damaging Phase shift. (Brought to you by CatFight)


Slush Puppy: Upon Icy Wind’s [A] launch follow up with Water Gun (j.Y) for a quick knock down. If an opponent is restless, they will get hit by either or both. Even if they CA, try using Aurora Beam (5A) to knock them back down again


Knock ‘em Down: If you hit an opponent with Skull Bash (4Y), their knock back can be followed up with one of three methods. If the opponent is low, follow through with the Drill (2X) to push them back. If the opponent is mid, scoop them with Headbutt (8Y) for an Aurora Beam Phase Shift. If the opponent is high, throw out the ribbons for a standard combo (5YYY+ 8A) which can confirm twice for a Phase Shift.


Kicking Cottonballs: If a Pokemon throws out Whimsicott to your face, then you can disrespect them right back with the unsafe Spin Kick (6YY). They are stuck in the pose with no counter frames. That’s about as safe as this move will get. (Just remember Aurora Beam won’t work anymore, so you’ll have to adjust with Headbutt)


Can’t Touch This: Be careful using the Light move (5Y) on a Pokemon ready to jump. If this move is used as a Pokemon goes airborne, the frames will not make impact. This vulnerability can be punished with a jumping attack (j.Y), which can follow through with a troublesome combo.


Tuck and Cover: Use low-stance moves such as the Ribbon Drill (2X), and the Light sweep (2Y) to duck under attacks for a counter-attack of your own. If moves like this are used against Machamp’s “Lariat” CA, you can grab punish. Against Charizard’s Fire Punch, you can punish with a Skull Bash (4Y) or Headbutt follow through (8Y+8A). Other chances to tuck, over, and punish are against Sceptile’s charged Y, Blaziken’s CA, and Scizor’s CA as well.


Pin ‘em Down: The Ribbon Drill, or the Light-Drill (YX) can cause a knock back to the wall. When that happens, follow up with Waterfall, and Headbutt (8Y) or Skull Bask (4Y) to Aurora Beam (8A) for a Phase shift.


Ice on the Wings: When Charizard is Synergized and floating in the air, Aurora Beam will snap him for an anti-air faster than Waterfall for an easy juggle. Be careful; A skilled Charizard player will look out for this, and set off burst at the slightest shift in animation. If they catch you, that burn’s gonna hurt.


Both Phases: This section is for information that can be juggled between both phases. Handy to keep in mind in case something can work your way regardless of the circumstances.


Return to Sender:

Mirror Coat can counteract these Support Pokemon: Water Pulse (Frogadier), Bonemerang [recommended] (Cubone), Muddy Water repeatedly (Quagsire), Luster Purge’s back pillar in Duel Phase (Latios), and Oblivion Wing’s second hit (Yvetal).


Return to Sender (Cubone):

Bonemerang is a very fast move that will hit you in mid-Counter when in Duel Phase. You still get the knockdown, but there will be a trade. Not only that, you will be pulled closer to your opponent.


Putting out the Flames:

If Ember is released, Blizzard can punish so long as enough space is given for a full punish. If not, there will be a damage trade where both Pokemon will get knocked down.



Will-o-Wisp (Ninetales) and Ember (Fennekin) in Field Phase are the best times to use Hydro Pump (8/6 A) for a Phase Shift punish, since they will cut through the Support’s move with ease. Press the respected buttons upon Support Pokemon summon to catch the posed Pokemon off guard.


Support Pokemon

The Pokemon that help Suicune are used to create spacing, or keep opponents at bay. Some assists can help with baiting, or surviving.


Emolga/Fennekin: A good support pair to start with for a new Suicune trainer. Both of these Pokemon can be used to get a combo going in Duel, or a free Phase shift in Field. They both pierce, which makes them handy against Pokemon that like to CA a lot.


Emolga (Shock Wave)- Attack type
Cutting across the span of both Field and Duel phase, this move is useful against projectile users to help Suicune get in close, or useful against Pokemon that counter a lot to warn them of what will happen if they don’t adjust. Used as a meaty, it can even pierce Burst Attacks. Even if you get caught by a light hit, there will be a trade where Emolga will cause a launch. This gives the chance for Suicune to strike. Do NOT use against a grounded Weavile, because their 2X is a free punish for them, knocking you down. Chip damage can make all the difference in a game. If you see Emolga incoming, jump. Because of the summon pose, you won’t get punished easily.


Fennekin (Ember)- Disrupt type
This dome-shaped fire-type attack is only as handy as the opponent is reckless. If an opponent commits to a move meant to rack up damage, this little fire fox will put them in their place real quick. In Duel phase, if your opponent is trapped against the wall in shield when this Pokemon comes out go straight for the grab. It’s unexpected surprise makes this trick very reliable. Be warned, if this move is used out of panic, it WILL be punished. It can get snuffed by a burst attack, Gengar’s Curse, Mewtwo’s Hyper Beam, to name a few.

Umbreon/Espeon: These eeveloutions are a balance of offense and defense. It’s also worth noting that their charge-up times are starkly contrasted as well. For these reasons, they should both be treated as separate entities. Their assistance will adjust your play-style, which means you will either be approaching, or keeping your distance.


Umbreon (Snarl)- Disrupt type
This move is much more reliable than Fennekin’s Ember. It’s smaller, comes out almost at first frame, carries a de-buff that takes away critical hits, and takes away a piece of your opponent’s synergy. But every perk has it’s pitfalls, and the biggest thing to worry about is charge up time. You will only have the chance to use this Pokemon once. If it’s wasted, you’ll have to re-adjust your offensive style.


Espeon (Morning Sun)- Enhance type
Moving on from the moon to the sun, Espeon and it’s quick charge up time are very handy to keep around. This eeveeloution recovers hp, and takes away de-buffs previously inflicted. At the last few seconds of the game this Pokemon’s assistance can make all the difference. Make sure to give yourself some elbow room before calling on this Pokemon so that it doesn’t go to waste.

Frogadier/Eevee: Even though their categories of support given are different, they both have one strategy in common: Offense. One Pokemon will give you the tools you need to rack up that damage, and the other will fight alongside you for a nice little set up that you can mix-up or combo as you please.


Frogadier (Water Pulse)- Attack type
This move adjusts height between the first and second barrage. It can be a useful anti-air to combo into a collection of your own moves. It can also stop a Pokemon that has been charging up for an attack. Even on shield, or against CADC, Suicune can easily use that defense mechanism to perform a grab. It’s a little frame trap in it’s own unique design.


Eevee (Helping Hand)- Enhance type
Lots of people love Eevee. Lots of people like dealing loads of damage. This little Pokemon gives an attack boost to take a chunk of your opponent’s health, and also recovers a little hp so that you have something to help you stay alive to deal that damage. This Pokemon can be used as armor against your opponents Synergy mode. Even simple moves like Water Gun and Hail can really give your opponent grief if this Pokemon is used properly.


Croagunk/Sylveon: Like Frogadier and Eevee, these two Pokemon have two different categories. But they both focus on one strategy: Defense. While one Pokemon will try to ward off any approaching Pokemon, the other will give you a little armor to help you hang on in those situations that would knock you out easy. Both thrive off of spacing.


Croagunk (Toxic)- Disrupt type
When Croagunk is summoned, it settles down in a big circle that can be seen as a bear trap; step in and it will go off. When it does, the opponent inflicted will get a drop in their defenses. There is no limit to this Pokemon’s hitbox, so long as it’s in the circle. The only way to escape this trap is with a counter, which you can grab so long as you read for it in time. If the opponent stays back, take that cue to move to the edge of Toxic and start setting off projectiles. If Suicune goes for the ones that cause chip, they’ll have to be mindful as to how much damage they can take.


Sylveon (Reflect)- Enhance type
Sylveon is a simple but graceful enhancing Pokemon that boosts defenses to keep you fighting for a little longer. Alongside synergy, this armor can really tank out attacks that would do you in otherwise. Suicune has a high hp counter as is, so a little more buff wouldn’t hurt. With the recovering hp you receive, this support is quite the tool when Suicune is Synergized. There is a reason why the meme was created saying that Sylveon saves lives. There is no note as to whether or not this defense effects chip damage however, so it’s important to keep that in mind while this Pokemon is in play.


Overall it’s understandable to see why this Pokemon is considered a Standard Pokemon. It’s an honest fighting character that is very easy to pick up, but simple tools that need to be exercised in order to get the best results.
It’s important with this Pokemon to look for the opportunities that are best to set up for punishment. This is where most of the damage will really take place, because of the frame data Suicune has. With some practice, this Pokemon is very helpful in establishing basic fundamentals which will help further advance your play abilities. Patience is a virtue, and this Pokemon is proof of that when given the chance.




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