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Braixen Support Tier List - For WiiU 1.3 [OUTDATED]

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Everyone likes tier lists right? Right! Alright, so here's a quick tier list that I've created including my thoughts on each one and what makes some better than others.


Keep in mind these are just my opinions, and they are in no way the end all, be all of what you should be using as a support. You're still free to use whichever support fits your play style and the goals you're looking to achieve in your matches.






S Tier - Useful in nearly any matchup



Fcps3aQ.png Flying rats are always dangerous.


Really not much to say that hasn’t already been said. 30 second charge time overall. 12 second speed debuff. It’s an excellent fullscreen punish tool that also pierces Counter Armor. Although the debuff itself may not be the best for all matchups, the fact that it pierces and allows you to regain momentum is always useful.



a1okJ0a.png You like Bacon Birds, right?


Another assist I feel is useful for any and every matchup. Yveltal decreases the synergy gauge of your opponent and seals out their ability to burst (whether it be activating Burst Mode or using their Burst Attack). With a 50 second initial charge time and a 40 second recharge, you’ll have to play with your support gauge in mind as you can easily lose a round before you can even make your first support call. The ability to combo into it off of most hits and use it as a punish/trade tool along with the damage it adds makes it an amazing choice.




0XRfuKu.png Simply put it’s Fennekin, but better.


Umbreon may have a smaller hitbox than Fennekin but it comes out much faster and also sports its own debuff. It also steals Synergy from the opponent and adds it to your own which could give you a full Gauge in a pinch while denying them of their Burst. As a formidable reversal option it’s prone to being baited and punished, but when it’s blocked or when it hits it gives you some well needed breathing room.




Cr2JYny.png Probably the only character choice worth the time in Gates To Infinity.


Personally I feel Snivy is a decent alternative to our rather flawed anti-airs. Our 8Y doesn’t have the best hitbox and is hard to combo with and Flamethrower has blind spots that leave you wide open to a punish. Snivy will scale any anti-air follow up pretty heavily, but having a consistent and reliable anti-air is worth it. Even grounded it works as a decent reversal to attacks as it causes a knockdown and is + on block allowing you to begin your own pressure.




A Tier - Not Quite S Tier, Almost Though



Nh35Ulr.png "Why have I not been nerfed yet?"


Overall one of the stronger support choices for Braixen as it gives her already strong burst mode a 20% boost to both her Attack and Defense. Pairing this with her ability to gain an Attack Buff through Sunny Day and she can deal out maximum damage for a minimal amount of Phase Shift Points. It sounds good, so good you may be asking “why isn’t Jirachi in S Tier?”. The reason is, I feel it makes you as a player too reliant on Burst and it offers very little in neutral. Yes, you can still make your attacks safe on block with a cancel, but Jirachi itself is more of a “Get Burst, end the round as soon as possible” kind of support.


IgBQIC1.png Sylveon saves lives right?


It does, Sylveon not only gives you a boost in health it also gives you a nice Defense Boost which could be a lifesaver in a pinch. With it lasting for 12 seconds, that’s more than enough time to pressure the opponent without the risk of taking half your health as punishment. Sylveon also negates the damage bonus from being crit, making the defense boost indispensable.


WGOja0i.png You’ll find luck in the Duck.



Farfetch’d is an amazing neutral assist as you’re able to call it to whiff punish opponents, or to just keep up pressure. Although the 3 hits of Farfetch’d don’t count as a true blockstring, solid knowledge of your opponent’s options and habits allow you to freely pressure them and push them towards the corner with the proper punishes. The low recovery on a Farfetch’d call is also why this is a strong support pick. Even when support cancelling onto a CA, you’re able to usually punish with a grab or some other option given Farfetch’d hasn’t already hit them.


f8jJhjK.png Where’s mah Greninja?!?


Frogadier is another great neutral tool for us. Allowing us to either create space and keep our opponents out or close the distance safely. The one downside to having the frog is that it’s not the best assist to call out raw. You’ll usually want to throw something out and get the opponent to block before you use it. With the right setups Frogadier allows for some nasty shield damage setups and a few shield breaks. Making it a good choice for those wanting to play a spacing game.



K4l7mVk.png A better jet plane than the Blue One.


Recovering 60 HP and gaining a speed buff doesn’t seem like much, right? Wrong. Togekiss increases Braixen’s movement speed to a point where keeping someone out becomes quite simple. The speed buff also allows Braixen to walk in and out of attack ranges and easily position herself for a punish. In field, we become exceedingly difficult to catch and are able to simply outrun many of the attacks our opponents may throw out at mid/long range.




B Tier - Good in certain matchups



fMxBKej.png Now known as Fluffies™


First question you may ask is, “Why use Eevee when Braixen can give herself an attack buff?” The answer to this is simple, sometimes you can’t get the Attack Buff from Sunny Day in time or safely and you need a quick option to get it. The Attack Buff helps immensely as it allows you to plow through Burst Armor with your attacks without having to use your own Burst or take a risk with an unsafe Sunny Day. It also helps with mitigating the effects of the defense boost from Rage, making your attacks scaled by 10% instead of 30%. Add on that the buff timer stacks with the Sunny Day buff, Braixen can effectively keep an Attack Buff for the entire round.



zQLvcla.png Please don’t remind me of the V-Wheel.


Victini has more or less the same purpose as Eevee except with a few added perks and a downside or two. Like Eevee, Victini allows you to bypass Burst Armor as well as allowing you to deal 20% more damage on a solid hit. Victini also sports its own hitbox, allowing you to create a temporary wall between yourself and the opponent should you decide to back off after calling it. Each successful hit also nets you a decent amount of Synergy letting you build meter faster than usual. One of the larger downsides to Victini is that it doesn’t mitigate the defense boost from Rage + Sylveon.



frlWwfj.png Blaziken’s flop ain’t got shit on me.


Karp’s primary use is as a combo/pressure breaker. With the exception of grabs, any time Braixen is successfully hit Magikarp drops down onto the opponent giving her the chance to regain pressure for herself. The same happens if 10 seconds pass without a hit or shift happening. Magikarp sees most of it’s use in Duel Phase, as most attacks that would normally connect in Field will shift before Magikarp can interrupt. The initial charge time is a bit of an issue as well, since it takes 50 seconds before you’re able to make your first call. Every charge afterwards though only takes 20 seconds, so Support Cheer will be a must if you’re unable to get it in the first round. What doesn’t make this a better assist is that it’s easily played around by the opponent going for grabs or just opting to hit you with a jab or something with a low recovery so they can avoid being hit by Karp. There’s also the chance that they’ll just completely wait it out, which can be detrimental should they be the one with a health lead.


cNmntX2.png Remember how confused people were when they saw he was DLC?



Croagunk has a nice place as space control and as a debuff assist. Croagunk does help in allowing us to kill our opponents quickly since a Defense Debuff combined with an Attack Up from Sunny Day allows us to quickly melt health away. The Defense Debuff also weakens shields so shield breaks will be easier and possibly more frequent than usual. It’s big downside is that if you don’t keep the pressure up on the opponent in some way, whether it be with chip damage or just whittling down their shield, it’s a wasted pick.


DyRxK5R.png After 1.2 Resh really got neglected huh?


What was once one of the most useful assists in the game. Reshiram doesn’t see as much play as he used to back on release. Overall, Reshiram is an assist that deals a decent amount of damage while also tacking on an Attack Debuff. It also has purpose as a full screen “reset” if you will. Pushing the opponent as far back as possible and allowing you to get at least one free Sunny Day. Calling this point blank is a bit of a gamble however, as most characters can jump over you before the first hit of Reshiram can hit them. It’s best to use this after a hit, whether it be a clean hit or on shield, or to trade with the opponent favorably. Be aware that quite a few Burst Attacks can cleanly punish bad Reshiram calls.



PzkevQR.png Braixen’s younger Brother? Sister? I don’t know they’re related somehow.


What makes me place Fennekin in this tier is the things it lacks, instead of the things it accomplishes. Although Fennekin has invincibility frames the actual hitbox comes out quite late and depending on the move the opponent uses, they can easily get out of range of Fennekin and basically invalidate the call. Should Fennekin connect or be blocked, you have your chance to establish pressure for yourself, but it’s an assist quite telegraphed. Although Fennekin is harder to punish than Umbreon due to it’s larger hitbox besides the space control, you don’t really get too much out of a successful call.




C Tier - Niche uses, there are better options



k6Xo4dB.pngWhy the hell is there no water here?


As an extremely damaging assist, Lapras demands respect from any range. To be honest, Lapras does a lot. Deals a ton of damage, forces the opponent to block or risk being anti-aired, decent shield damage. What keeps it just out of B-Tier is that it doesn’t help us much in neutral, at least not at full screen. Any raw call of Lapras in Duel can be easily avoided, and a simple side-step in field stops it from tracking. It’s best used when the opponent is already blocking and at mid-range, otherwise it’s something that’s easily reacted to and gotten around.  


nLnrwRj.png “..............”


Mismagius is a great assist to assert pressure and get some chip damage, as it pierces counters and jumping it leaves an opponent open to an anti-air. Sadly, that’s pretty much all it’s good for. The main problem with Mismagius is that Assist Cancelling with it isn’t really an option. Most of the moves we use to cancel into a Mismagius call is easily punished in one way or another by the rest of the cast. Not to mention that calling it in neutral in Duel Phase doesn’t do much for us either as a raw call can also be easily played around. Although Mismagius allows for unblockables and gives an attack buff, the buff doesn’t last long enough to be worth it and there are better options for an assist.


tn5psnU.pngI didn’t curse you! I cursed that asshole, Gengar!


An assist that seems like a good defensive option at first actually makes for an offensive option that’s just as good. Ninetales sports a 20 second Attack Debuff, longer than any support in the game, the problem is actually getting it to hit. There aren’t any practical combos into Ninetales to ensure a debuff, and unless an opponent is really button happy the chances of it ever happening is quite low. However, on offense, Ninetales allows for some very interesting traps and some unblockables should you have the proper spacing for it. As a defensive tool, Ninetales is okay at it’s job, it’s just as easily baited as other assists like it, but you’re MUCH more vulnerable than with other assists.


0ZEG9Mt.png Actually a Dragon (Suck it Charizard!)


Dragonite really only has two purposes. Chip damage, and as a way to trade favorably against opponents. Other than that, there isn’t really much this assist does for us. Any Assist Cancel on shield is grabbable and on hit it won’t combo. It can lead to a mixup after a hit, but it’s something we can do with a number of other assists without having to commit to him for a round.


mvjbEy1.png Was gonna put a PSMD joke here, it’s too dirty to include


This cat looking fox will do something for you. It’ll recover your health and remove any debuffs you may suffer. And although Espeon in particular recovers more than the rest of the healing assists (except for Cress) that’s really all it offers. It is a safe call should you assist cancel it however, like the other enhance assists. What puts this lower than other supports is that besides the amount of recoverable health we can get back usually isn’t any more than what an assist like Sylveon or Togekiss would grant us, and we get a buff out of it as well. “What about the debuffs?”, you say? Any of the other enhance assists + two stacks of Sunny Day leaves you with a double buff, with no debuffs to be found.


d7hY5Pj.pngI’ll be useful soon™”

Overall, Cubone is actually a fairly solid assist. Safe on an assist cancel. Has combos for decent damage should we cancel on hit. Hits twice. And cuts through projectiles to allow us to establish pressure. The key thing that Cubone lacks that leaves him at low C-Tier is that the first hit doesn’t confirm into anything if it hits a grounded opponent.It just throws the situation into another mixup. And depending on how far you are when Cubone actually hits, it serves as little more than just an annoyance to a majority of the cast.



D Tier - Extremely Niche, usually requires an unlikely setup to use effectively



itTalFB.pngYou must not know Light Screen exists…


Besides being marginally helpful in field in certain matchups, Whimsicott grants us nothing much of value. You can use the armor frames on it to mount some sort of reversal but there are a number of other assists that can do the same thing that see better use (i.e. Snivy). Unless you want to go for a full “time out” playstyle, Whimsicott won’t do you much good.



LGwitLA.pngCan I be like my brother and become a Pokedex?


Rotom lends to a more defensive and reactive style of play, any and all assist cancels on block are quite punishable. Neutral calls of Rotom also do you no favors, as most characters can either punish you or position themselves favorably before you can recover. A majority of characters can also activate Rotom safely and block it, effectively nullifying the Rotom call.



CF5HtSX.png I’m the blue jet plane


Latios really doesn't help Braixen at all. It’s more of a ‘style’ choice for when you want to disrespect your opponent. It sees decent use in Field Phase as you can lock them down and get some chip. In Duel most combos into or from Latios are very low in damage, the Defense debuff you get usually doesn’t last long enough for it to be effective and that’s if you can even get it to hit.


7P0uWsa.pngI have one purpose and it can be avoided in a thousand ways


Quagsire’s main use is as a chip damage monster, doing 20 damage per tick on hit or block. There are definitely setups to ensure a large amount of chip is applied and that CA would be a poor choice. However, Quagsire is awful as a neutral tool and without a proper setup is easily avoided. It’s decent as a spacing tool, as most players won’t walk to chance walking into the pool but that’s all it’s good for.



TV4eZwP.pngYou REALLY don’t know Light Screen exists do you?


Pachi has a decent use removing projectiles, some of them Whimsicott could only dream of removing. It has the same exact problem though and more. It does nearly nothing for in Duel that Light Screen can’t already cover and in field our mobility already gives us ways to get around troublesome projectiles. It also only lasts 3 seconds, which isn’t long enough to change anything significant depending on distance. Pachi is also an extremely niche pick for Chandelure and there are other assists we can use that provide more.



ul3FSIG.pngWrite my name backwards


Electrode has a lot of use as something to punish unsafe buttons that’d usually hit you. What makes it not as good as other assists is that assist cancels are now something you aren’t allowed to do on block. You can possibly do them if you hit a CA, but most attentive players will either charge their CA long enough to pierce Electrode, or would CADC into a full punish.




F Tier - What are you doing man?



q1Pq3ph.pngYou’ve been talking to Brocooli and Allister haven’t you?


A prime case of “too much effort, not enough reward”. Magneton is a support that relies solely on your reactions to catching their jumps or noticing a laggy option they have in midair. Although it’s the only assist to actually sport a Synergy Debuff, they don’t last long enough for them to be impactful in a match. Combined with the difficulty to actually land one, and a lack of possible combos into a solid Magneton call it’s not the best option for most matchups.


RdxmGvI.pngCan we go back a few patches please?


Diglett is honestly worthless. Sure he can lock an opponent down, but that’s all he does. As an assist cancel he’s punishable on block at close range, and you can only combo with him by the wall. He does very little shield damage or chip and combos off of him are scaled considerably. Diglett is also lackluster in field as he can be jumped over and pushes opponents out of the rest of his hitboxes allowing them to escape.


iIJfuhp.pngYou’re either new to the game, or you want to watch the world burn

On paper, Cress looks like a good choice. Gives Synergy, gives Health, gets rid of Debuffs, what else could you want right? In practice it’s literally the single worst assist for Braixen. Cress can only be called once per round. Braixen is a character that is built around building support multiple times per match and assist cancelling to maintain pressure or keep herself safe. Limiting yourself to a support that you can only call once is a severe handicap that you’re either doing on purpose or just aren’t aware of.



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