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Vs. Blaziken - "Sometimes You Want Your Chicken Oven Roasted"

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Vs Blaziken:Blaziken:


General Advice

  • b.Y (Golf Swing) is your best friend in field phase. Blaziken has no real way to contest it besides his own b.Y.
  • (Tatsu) Side-Y has it’s uses, but it’s prone to being punished by Air Homing which is harder to dodge compared to other field j.Xs.
  • Any projectile Blaziken throws at you is free meter CA (in Field) or Light Screen (in Duel) he can’t easily punish you for it without an assist.
  • His corner pressure outside of Burst Mode is extremely fake. If you block EX Blaze Kicks or EX Flare Blitz immediately use Light Screen, if they decide to try and continue pressure they’ll eat a crit and now it’s your turn.
  • 8Y is your best friend up close. It’ll duck his 5Y and a preemptive 8Y on our part will beat any attempt at Blaze Kicks/Flare Blitz.
  • 8A for the same reason above, except it won’t duck his 5Y as easily.
  • His Burst Mode is pretty scary. If you can, get him to pop it defensively and then continue pressure. His wake up options are subpar.


Recommended Supports

  • FE8VR14.png: Braixen has subpar anti-airs and although Blaziken is one of the easier characters to anti-air with 8Y, there are still some angles where it could be tough. Snivy will make it easier for you to take him out the air without putting yourself at too much risk.
  • U3BQdfD.png: Keeps Blaziken from getting burst as fast, meaning you won’t have to be too worried about his Burst Mode if you play your cards right. Him being unable to crit you lowers the potential damage you take if get the wrong read on a grab.
  • d1S8SHn.png: Extremely useful for keeping Blaziken out of your face and at full screen should you go for pure zoning against him. A Speed Debuff cripples Blaziken and makes it extremely hard for him to dodge anything, even in field.
  • 1aw9dxo.png: While it’s also paired with Emolga, which may seem like a better choice. There’s no way for Blaziken to punish a Fennekin call, giving you a free out whenever you have it up and feel pressured.
  • 3SZNvsE.png: It’s time for you to flop on them for a change. Magikarp is one of the better choices for this matchup since the only ways for him to pop Magikarp without getting hit himself are grab, or something really unsafe. You don’t need to worry about trading either since the trade will be in your favor normally. (Maybe not in damage, but in terms of oki pressure)
  • e0KgPWd.png: Although we can give ourselves an attack buff with EX Sunny Day. Eevee is really good for clutch moments when you aren’t buffed and Blaziken pops Burst. Having the ability to fight burst at a moment’s notice is extremely helpful and makes it easier to turn the tide of the match back in your favor.




FangShaymin (Braixen) vs AngelDarkSong (Blaziken) [Final Round XX]


Fumu (Blaziken) vs DUDE (Braixen) [Hypertension XIII]


Double (Braixen) vs Zenkuri (Blaziken) [Online Sets]


Detailed Overview



Field Phase


In Field Phase, b.Y is one of your strongest options against Blaziken. It’s fairly non-committal, even if you’re up close, and it’s really great at pressuring his shield and chipping away at his health. The only downside would be that if he chooses to CADC them you don’t really have a good way to punish from long range since his field dashes go so far.


5Y and Delayed Psybeam are good ways to bait them into pushing buttons so you can punish and tack on some more damage. Delayed Psybeam especially since if they opt to CADC you can move into a position to punish. 5Y can be support cancelled as well, so any attempts Blaziken makes to punish it can be stuffed depending on the support you’re running.


Around midrange (think boomerang distance) you’ll have to be more wary of using projectiles, as their bY (Tornado Tatsu) can cut through and punish you leading to a very unfavorable situation. Luckily, you can CA it if you see it coming and can use 5Y after blocking it. If they spaced it wrong and are directly in front of you, it’s a punish. Otherwise, it’ll keep them from pressing buttons too much and give you a chance to get away.



Duel Phase


Here’s where the matchup can be extremely fun or a complete nightmare. As you may already know, Blaziken thrives when he has the momentum for maximum success in this matchup you simply don’t give him the chance.


Fire Spin is a tool Blaziken has to respect at all times, the moment you put it down he doesn’t have much choice other than to sit and wait. If he tries to jump over you’ll be able to anti-air him more often than not (unless he’s already in the air by the time you use Fire Spin). j.Y and Psybeam are also options he has to respect as his CADC is susceptible to getting clipped due to his long dash animation. Fire Blast is an attack that’s best used sparingly since you’re only giving Blaziken free meter, but you can use it to get a little damage on them if they try to CADC.


On the chance that Blaziken has you pressured, don’t panic, for the love of god don’t panic. His pressure isn’t as bad as it seems. If he does Blaze Kicks or Flare Blitz on your shield you have one of three options to relieve pressure and get away.


Option 1: Light Screen after blocking. If they continue to hit buttons they’ll be crit by Light Screen and you can push them away with a combo. If they CA afterwards and you Light Screen that, you’re still safe. Blaziken’s CA is a high so all you have to do is duck or mash 2X.


Option 2: Duck then 8Y. This one is a little bit tougher to do since it’s timing based, but it saves you from the chip/shield damage that comes from blocking it. If you’re not confident in this option, it’s best to just go for Option 1.


Option 3: Jump after his pressure. This is actually the riskiest option out of the three since if he continues to Blaze Kick or does 5Y/6Y but it is a way out of the corner if you have a hard read on the Blaziken’s pressure.


If you activate Burst, you have all the advantage in the world using only three moves: Flamethrower, Delayed Psybeam, Fire Blast. Outside of having Burst themselves or having a support like Whimsicott or Pachirisu, Blaziken has 0 ways of dealing with Delayed Psybeam. Feel free to fire those off at will to get some free chip and weaken their shields.


Be aware though, they are able to jump over and possibly j.X through a hole in the Psybeams, which leads to the next move: Flamethrower. Should they even dare to jump during the barrage of Psybeams, feel free to take them out of the air with Flamethrower if the Psybeam doesn’t hit them first. You can even combo into Flamethrower if one of the Delayed Psybeams hits as an anti-air, so don’t worry too much about it.


Overall, using 8Y or 8A preemptively against Blaziken works fairly well. A majority of his attacks are highs or mid-highs so our 8Y is actually a decent tool to stop his pressure before it even starts up close.



What to do on Oki


As with most other matchups, Fire Spin is the best oki option we have in all situations. He has no way to get out of it short of activating Burst or using an invincible support.


Besides that, 5X and 5XX are great provided you have support up as his CA is quite slow and will usually lose to whatever support you cancel into if it doesn’t just end up trading. 8X isn’t bad either as Blaziken has no real way to punish it outside of a support call. Even if he armors 8X with CA you can air dash away. You’ll take a little bit of damage, but you’ll avoid a crit and most likely be too far away for him to follow up into pressure.


Delayed Psybeam is also pretty good, since it’ll let you see them CA if they wake up with it and punish accordingly. It’s even better if it’s EX Delayed Psybeam as that allows you to check what he’s doing from even further away without needing to commit to anything!



Fighting Burst


This is where things get a little tricky. If you don’t have full Synergy yourself you’re in for a wild ride. Depending on the support you choose to run, that’ll be what you’ll need to help turn things back in your favor especially if they activate Burst as a part of their pressure.


Trying to contest during Blaze Kick pressure is no longer an option as well. You can still contest after a Flare Blitz, but if they keep kicking you’re forced to block. Any attempts to contest in-between could land you on the bad end of a Blaziken Burst Attack. Simply speaking, if you’re on defense against Blaziken Burst you have to block unless you have an invincible assist. You don’t have a choice.


Things change if the Blaziken activates Burst in neutral or defensively. At this point, the game plan changes a little. It’s now your turn to rush him down, you can’t give him the opportunity to gain momentum. His defensive options are still the same as always, besides gaining access to Burst Attack and as long as you have a decent chunk of health you shouldn’t worry about that as much either. Before you know it, you’ll have dealt enough damage that his Burst Mode is no longer a threat.


With all that out of the way, you’re well on your way to "Oven Roasting A Chicken". Just keep these tips in mind and keep yourself safe, you’ll find Blaziken is no match for you in no time!




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