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Table of Contents: Guide to Guides Here (I know, original)

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(Note: Just started making this, so it'll be a while before I finish backfilling all of the content already out there.)

Meta Guides: Playing the game outside of the game

Wake Up in Pokkén - A discussion on wake up situations and okizeme in Pokkén Tournament.


How to tell if you're an FG Pokkén Player, and how to improve. - I suppose going for glory is not good.


General Game Knowledge Guides: Things you should know no matter what

Neutral-oriented Guides & Information

Pokkén Height & Invincibility Interactions - For you to look at before complaining about a move of yours whiffing "for no reason at all".

  • Covers Move height categories and invincibility properties
  • Covers invincibility properties of stances, burst attacks, and other states
  • Covers grab invincible moves & grab crushes


Avoiding Rotom - Magneton is a superior anti-air support anyway.


L-Cancelling - Something about cancelling landing lag.

Punish Guides

Punishing Fennekin Calls with Burst Attack using every character (Video) - A title so long, it's self-explanatory.


Lucario 6Y~Y Punish Guide - Teach doggos to stop using this move in neutral or show them why practicing the timing is important.


Game Mechanic Guides: To understand the game is to appreciate and love its design

Pokkén Tournament: Combo Damage Calculator - Test hypothetical links, figure out combo damage instead of attempting for hours, anything damage related for you labbers.




Whimsical Cheer: All Effects & Percentages - When 1.5 isn't here yet, this is how RNG will give you free wins.

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