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Braixen Frame And Shield Damage Data!!

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Here we have an updated version of Braixen's Frame Data. Included within are Phase Shift Points for each move, along with Scaling Values and Base Damage. On the second page, there is information regarding the amount of shield damage Braixen's moves do on block, whether or not they shift, and how they scale after a break. If there are any questions, or if you find anything off with the spreadsheet let me know and I'll update it!



On-Site Key:
L = Low

ML = Mid-Low

M = True Mid

MH = Mid-High

H = High

L>M = Low, then Mid (Also applies for anything else written in that format.)

KD = Knockdown



Source spreadsheet here in case you don't want to struggle with the embed on the site.


P.S. For Shield Damage, assume shield health starts at 100 points.


P.P.S Shield Damage values are approximate.

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