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/r/Pokkén Weekly Throwdown #35

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Welcome back to the /r/PokkenGame weekly!

This week, our fighters will competing for a prize! First place will receive a choice, between For Honor (PC, Steam/UPlay), a $25 Amazon or Steam Gift Card, or $25 through Paypal! Second and third place will receive $10, sent through either Paypal, or an Amazon Card! I will contact the winners over Discord once the tournament is over.

But now, on to this weeks tournament!

What you need to know:

Date: Sunday, February 26th

Time: Check in starts at 1:30pm EST, bracket starts at 2:00pm EST

Where: Online. Please be in the Official /r/PokkenGame Discord throughout the duration of the tournament. Match reporting, round calls, etc. will take place there, in the clashes-and-tourneys channel.

Signups, bracket, and ruleset

If you can record your matches please do, we would love to have them! Streams of your matches are also greatly appreciated!

Because of increasing complaints about lagging during our weekly tourneys, we found it necessary to implement a report system in order to make the experience optimal for the largest number of participants possible. To avoid false reports, our system will consist of a strike-based system, and we will ask that you contact the regular tourney organizer, Quote, or any other admins over in private. For those who wish to flag someone, keep in mind that your lagging experience with your opponent needs to be severely impacting gameplay. We're talking about long input delays ( ~1 second or more ) or straight up freezes throughout the match. If it's only minor input lag, or a couple hiccups, please don't flag it. Keep it private and with the admins. Explain in a short sentence or two what happened during your match. This is to avoid unnecessary bandwaggoning on players.

If you were flagged too often for severe lag issues, you will be contacted by admins, and you will be required to go through a testing match or two. The results from this test match will allow the admin to make a final decision on your participation. Rest assured, the admins who do the testing will be certified to be players with a great history of lag-free matches. We understand that not everyone has access to good internet providers, and we do not in any way put the blame on the players themselves - we only ask that you, the player, understand that if your connection is not up to par, your participation impacts others' experience negatively, and we simply cannot allow one bad connection to affect several players. There is and never will be personal bias in who gets to participate. If you have any feedback or suggestions about this rule, please don't hesitate to PM one of the admins, or talk about it in the #clashes-and-tourneys channel. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please post a comment below or message "Quote" or one of the other admins on the Discord. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

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