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Pokkén Tournament: Combo Damage Calculator

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Introduction (TL;DR of post)

To use this, you must make a copy of the whole spreadsheet; copying only the Template sheet will not transfer over the calculator scripts attached. You can make a copy of the spreadsheet by going to "File > Make a Copy..."


The damage calculator simply just takes in data of the hits you have in a combo and outputs the damage done and applied to the total combo. It can be found here, examples listed as separate sheets for reference. The sheet is kept as View-Only so it can be accessed in public. This calculator utilizes move's base damage and their scaling, which is not readily public knowledge due to everyone being too lazy to get around to doing these things. If you're looking to derive this yourself, I've included a crude method that works for most (but not all) cases, which you check out in this image.


First of all, don't change the values of any of the columns marked as "(Do not touch)", for those contain formula scripts derived from the other values. Starting from the topmost row and going down, for a given hit in the combo, input the following:

  • Name: Name of the hit/move. Totally optional and there just for people to see what the data is describing
  • Base Damage: The amount of damage the move will do to the opponent assuming it's the first hit in the combo and there are no exterior factors such buffs/debuffs, aerial states, etc.
  • State Modifier: The amount needed to modify the damage ratio for scaling. This can include the opponent being airborne (-10%), an attack buff (+20%), or the wallsplat hit bonus (+20%)
  • Move Scaling: The amount the current hit will scale down the damage ratio. For example, Braixen's 5X has no scaling (0%), whereas her 4X has massive scaling (60%)


Be sure not to include the percent signs and only write in the numbers (You'll get an error otherwise). Certain things to take note of how damage scaling works to explain how its output:

  • It's possible for the damage ratio to go under 0%. However, when deriving scaled damage, it must be between 10% and 200% of the base damage and will cap as necessary.
  • Due to damage ceiling effect, the total damage done does not necessary equal the sum of the previous total and the scaled damage once the 240 mark is passed.
  • Everything is rounded up in this game when it comes to damage.


If you have any questions or concerns about how the damage calculator works, feel free to reach out to me or reply here!

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does it take into account the scaling that the game "randomly" applies when your combo reaches 200-250?

that happens alot with Weavile.

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Yes it odes. It isn't random, by the way, it happens when the combo reaches 240 and then 280 damage. When 240 damage is reached, the added damage is halved, so for example a moves that does 50 damage starting from 230 will use 10 damage to reach 240, then the remaining 40 damage will be halved, resulting in a final damage of 260. Similarly, when 280 damage is reached, the remaining damage wil lbe decimated (divided by 10). As an example, a move that deals 50 damage starting from 270 will first use 20 damage to reach 280, then the remaining 30 damage will be decimated, resulting in a final damage of 283.

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