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Old Braixen Guide Archive

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This is an archive of the old Braixen Guide Thread from the other board.





Braixen strikes at foes from a distance with fiery distance attacks.

HP: 540

Archetype: Standard

Burst Attack: Psyfirecracker. Braixen launches a magical rope in a spiral pattern in front of her. If it hits the opponent gets inside of a magical orb, where then Braixen launches some magic into it and makes the orb explodes into fireworks.

PokkénArena's Tier Position: 

[Standard]Braixen's Playstyle
Action Dojo Moveset video by Youtuber N60Sean:

Braixen's Frame Data by theappleboom :

Damage chart (compiled by Deitylight ):
Field Phase

(Y) Ranged attack-27

(Y)  , (Y) Poke Combo 1-68

(4) / (6) (Y) Side Range Attack-40

(4) / (6) (Y) , (Y) Poke Combo -65

(8) (Y) Forward Range Attack-50

(2) (Y) Backward Range Attack-58

(2) (Y) (Hold) Backward Range Attack Charge-78

j. (Y) Jumping Range attack-17

(X) , (X) , (X) Homing Attack-80

(X) , (X) , (X) (Hold) Homing Attack Charge-100

(2) (X) Backward Attack-60

j. (X) Jumping Attack-80

j. (X) (Hold) Jumping Attack-110

j. (R) Mid Air Dash
Duel Phase

(Y) , (Y) , (Y) Weak Attack-64

(Y) , (Y) , (Y) , (Y) Poke Combo-94

(6) (Y) Forward Weak Attack-50

(4) (Y) Backward Weak Attack-60

(4) (Y) (Hold) Backward Weak Attack Charge-126

(8) (Y) High Stance Weak Attack-60

(2) (Y) Low Stance Weak Attack-20

(2) (Y) , (Y) Poke Combo 4-55

j. (Y) Mid Air Weak Attack-17

(X) , (X) Strong Attack-85

(4) (X) Backward Strong Attack-60

(8) (X) High Stance Strong Attack-90

(8) (X) , (X) Poke Combo 5-138

(2) (X) Low Stance Strong Attack-60

j. (X) Jumping Attack-80

j. (X) (Hold) Jumping Attack-110

(Y) + (B) Grab Attack-80

(X) + (A) Counter Attack-50

(X) + (A) (Hold) Counter Attack Charge-80

j. (R) Mid Air Dash
Pokemon Move

(A) -Psybeam-50

(A) -Psybeam (Enhanced)-80

(A) (Hold) Psybeam Set Up-50

(A) (Hold) Psybeam (enhanced) Set up-80

Forward+ (A) Fire Spin-74

Forward+ (A) Fire Spin Enhanced-103

Forward+ (A) (Hold) Fire Spin Charge-104

Forward+ (A) (Hold) Fire Spine Charge Enhanced-118

Backward+ (A) Fire Blast-95

Backward+ (A) Fire Blast Enhanced-114

Backward+ (A) , (B) Fire Blast-Sunny Day-95 

Backward+ (A) , (B) Fire Blast Enhanced-Sunny Day-114

(A) (Hold)-Sunny Day

(A) (Hold) Sunny Day Enhanced

j. (A) Flame Charge-80

j. (A) Flame Charge Enhance-104

(8) (A) Flamethrower-20 (multi hit)

(8) (A) Flamethrower Enhanced-15 (multi hit)

(8) (A) , (B) Flamethrower-Sunny Day-20 (multi hit)

(8) (A) , (B) Flamethrower Enhanced-Sunny Day-15 (multi hit)

(2) (A) Light Screen-20

(2) (A) Light Screen Enhanced-40

(2) (A) , (B) Light Screen-Sunny Day-20

(2) (A) , (B) Light Screen Enhanced-Sunny Day-40
Burst Mode 

(L) + (R) Psyfirecracker-185

Braixen Neutral/Spacing guide by bluelink 

Braixen's Duel Phase Shift to Field Phase data by SSJ-Luffy :

Braixen's air-dash tech on Burst mode by tasokyo :
tasokyo Avatar

This just in!
Not sure if this is well-known but Braixen can actually air-dash twice in a row.
Full jump and broom-stick backwards while firing fire-balls forward, and then at the very end you can broom-stick backwards once again. It seems the fire balls act as a reset. 

Implementation: Sunny Day charging might be easier than ever now if we can create this much space in so little time, hrm..

I hate double posting, but I've already used a edit on my previous post, and I think this thread needs a quick update.

More implementation of the previous tech:
Apparently you can full jump, broom backwards while shooting fire forward, and then broom forward and do an aerial X..
Jeez, was this even intended to be a technique? xD

Edit: Crap!!! My plans are foiled, it seems, I was training in perma-burst mode and didn't realize it, apparently this tech is only usable in burst mode, so that SEVERELY crushed the tech opportunities, so I guess the past two posts are irrelevant now.  :-S  Sorry.

Braixen's Sunny Day Tutorial by Silthreent :

Jumping Sunny Day bug found by Tonosama666 :


Dash cancel Sunny Day bug by Zekira Drake :


Braixen moves usability guide by bluelink :

Braixen Punishment guide by bluelink :

Braixen Match-up analyses by Shadowcat :

Braixen Guard Break moves:

Field Phase:
f.Y (aka boomerang), b.Y (melee attack only), homing attack (third hit), b.X, j.X, charged j.X, CA, charged CA.

Duel Phase:
6Y (aka boomerang), 4Y (melee attack only), second hit of XX, 4X, 2X, 8X, j.X, charged j.X, CA, charged CA, 2A.
Braixen's Supportive Supports

Fennekin: Fennekin appears on the screen a throw a fireball that explodes into a circle of fire. Although the start-up is pretty slow, Braixen is fully invincible until she recovers from it, making it a decent reversal for her to have. If it hits you can follow into 5A both in Field and Duel Phases, and into 8A during Duel Phase. This means that you can use this Support to finish off your opponent.

Ninetales: Ninetales appears on screen and creates a wall of fire, similar to the famous Aegis Reflector from Street Fighter III. It has a pretty quick start-up, and Braixen is fully invincible until she recovers, making it an awesome reversal move for her to have. Although the wall has multiple hits, it will only combo them all if the opponent is near a wall, otherwise only the first hit will connect and the opponent will be thrown away. You can then try using forward+Y to bring him back and do a mix-up/combo on him. This wall protects you not only from Melee, Counter and Grab attacks, but also from some projectiles and Burst Attacks. If you manage to hit the last couple of hits, your opponent not only will be stunned and open for some huge combos, but also will have an status effect of Decreased Attack on them for some time.

Since the charging speed of Ninetales is pretty slow (takes 40 seconds to fully charge), it is highly recommended that you use a Cheer Skill that boost up Support Charging Speed in some way.
Braixen's Combos
Combo Dojo's Combos (picture taken by MarioFireRed ):

detta 's Combo Exhibition and Tutorial:

Okizeme setups by bluelink (sorry for the bad recording quality):

Side-Switch combo with Frogadier assist into Fire Spin Okizeme setup by fenns :

Flame Charge Cancel Bug combos by MASTERLINKX :

Support Combo Compedium by ltlongshot :


Braixen Combo Chart by optosi (tip via Spuddicus):

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