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Braixen Neutral/Spacing guide

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This is a guide on how to play with Braixen during Neutral/Spacing game. If you are new to fighting games and you don't know what that means I highly recommend watching the video below before reading this guide, the game used is Street Fighter but it's concepts are going to be applied on this guide. Don't worry, we will wait you:


This guide will be divided into two sections, Field Phase (that will be available in the future) and Duel Phase, and covers what are your options during neutral game with Braixen. Also I will not be covering supports because there are way too many out there and I don't have enough experience with them to do that!

Field Phase

Work in Progress!

Duel Phase

For Duel Phase, you have to keep in mind that Braixen has an ideal range for her to control the match. I will be using the Magikarp Festival stage for this guide because it has a line in the middle of it that represents perfectly this range. Also keep in mind that those images are showing the regular version of the moves, not the buffed ones. Also, charging moves takes time and precious frames away, so I wouldn't recommend doing it all the time.


Please note the blue line on the above picture. As long your opponent is beyond that like you are on Braixen's ideal range to be, and there are some reasons for that.

First of all, that line is more or less where your 4A will turn into a giant projectile that beats opponents trying to approach both from the ground and from the air:


The blue rectangles are the space controlled by this single projectile if the opponent is beyond the line in the center of the stage. That is A LOT of space, so if they want to get in (and they probably will, cause that does a lot of chip damage), they will have to find another way. If they try doing a Charge Attack Dash Cancel, you can do a 5A, that will hit them during the dash forward. Also, if your opponent is a character who has a projectile that is much better than yours (like Chandelure and Mewtwo) most of the time you can just block to get the frame advantage and do a 5A or 4A, that most likely will beat their next attack.

In the case they do get close to the center of the stage, there is a way to force them to stay away, and that is by using 6A. Both the uncharged and charged versions will do the trick, but you will have to use different tactics for each one of them:


As you can see, the charged version fills literally the entire center of the screen, which makes it impossible for them to go through without trying something like CADC, in which case you can just dash in and grab on reaction. If they decide to respect it and block, you can do a 4A to move them further away again:


Braixen is literally controlling the entire screen with this setup. If you don't have time to fully charge 6A though, you can use the uncharged 6A. If you do that though, some opponents will be able to jump through it, so I really wouldn't recommend using 4A. Instead, try mixing up 8A with 5A:




As you can see, 8A controls a huge amount of air space whenever it's used, while 5A push them away if they block it or get hit by it. If they do manage to go through the center line though, then you are not on your ideal range anymore and you will have to play some more mind games to be able to beat your opponent. 8A are going to beat jump-ins, but whenever you use it your opponent is free to close in from the ground and punish you, so try only doing that on reaction to their jumps or if you have a good read:


However, they are still in the range of some of your Melee attacks, so try playing a poking game with them from that range. personally, I like using 5XX and 5A a lot because they both have awesome range and if used right are either safe or pretty hard to punish:


As you can see, even though I'm on their range, I also can hit them. Be careful with 5A though, it has more range, but they can just jump over it and punish you:


If you hit them with an 8A, they are going to be on the center of the stage again, which then you can use 5A, 6A or 4A to force them back into your ideal range. If you hit them with a 5A, you can mix-up 5A and 8A once again until they are back into your ideal range. And if you hit them with a poke you can start your okizeme and pressure game, which can lead to some serious damage on your opponent... but that's a topic for another guide.

Also, keep in mind that if the opponent has Synergy Burst activated and you do not, you will have to use the buffed versions of the attacks to control space, because then only unbuffed 8A and unbuffed charged 6A would give hitstun.


I hope this guide will help anyone in need to have a better understanding of her game. Now go on and toast some opponents away :)

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