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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (October 2019)

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Here is the October update on the top 5 ranked charts of online ranked battles in the Wii U version of the game!





Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was a complete change in the chart in the month of October:



What is a bit more funny is that the person in first place is a Garchomp player from Mexico who gave himself the quitrag nickname, unless it's someone else poking fun, we're yet again in front of yet another alternate account of Lobo who started admitting his own "method"... In any case they obtained no less than 11403 points the previous month. The other people in the chart are all newcomer.





More familiar faces here for sure, much less when compared to the month before though:



Mellocair won at least 3 matches the month before, so quitrag/firifistofales managed to surpass them and reach first place, winning no less than 241 matches. In third place we have a newcomer, Naymie/mikolezhuzhu, who won no less than 56 matches the month before. Fourth place sees the very welcome return of vai_apanhar.../Odilonreis who was last seen in these charts last May. In fifth place we have a newcomer already seen in the points-based chart, Draco200/DarkPit369.


While there was no sign of great activity from Mellocair, it's still interesting to see how them and Odilonreis are present in these charts. On the other hand, it's becoming a trend now that the newcomers in these charts don't stay there for long, next month should give hints about the reason why, as if part of the cause is the shift to holidays to work, school, university studies and so on, next month the charts might have more recurring players.

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