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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (September 2019)

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Here are the top 5 charts of online ranked matches in the Wii U version of the game, for the month of September 2019!





Perhaps unsurprisingly, even this September saw significant changes compared to the prior month:



The only returning playrer is Ljunini, likely an alternate account of Lobo. They gained no less than 325 points last month. The other players above them, all of them being newcomer, are riketan, who gained no less than 12926 points last month and ended in first place, luckey69, who gained no less than 10598 points last month and ended in second place, and Jay_$lay/Jay_Slay16, who gained no less than 5072 points last month and reached third place. It's not possible to estiamte the minimum amount of points gained last month by cf7mkchaps/cf7mkchap who entered the charts for the first time as well, in fifth place.





There are less dramatic but still important changes in this chart as well, compared to last month:



Mellocair stays in the charts and even reaches first place, having won no less than 50 matches last month. Similarly, Sella/MarioEnvy won no less than 41 matches last month and reached fourth place. The other three are newcomers that can be seen in the points-based chart as well: luckey69 who won no less than 65 matches and reached second place, riketan who won no less than 46 matches and reached thirs place, Jay_$lay/Jay_Slay16 who ended up in fifth place.


Last year, the decrease in activity due to the end of the holidays led to dramatic changes that even prompted a new way of analyzing the numbers, this year the changes aren't as drastic, but are still very important. In a certain sense, these charts are affected and thus give hints about the different availability of free time during the year.

Next month, it will be interesting to see if players who were in the previous months' charts like Ljunini, Mellocair and Sella/MarioEnvy wil gain enough points or wins to stay in the charts, and if some of the newcomers here will stay in the charts.

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