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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (August 2019)

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Well, better late than never!

Here are the top 5 charts of the online ranked matches of the Wii U version!





There are a few changes with respect to last month:


First place is still in the hands of josue/2003minicachorro, who gained no less than 2525 points last month, another returning player is the former newcomer ryuujiid0125 who gained no less than 20072 points (!). Dmoney$/destrella3018 is a newcomer who gained no less than 1208 points last mont and reached directly 3rd place. On the other hand, it's not possible to estimate a lower bound for princess,elsa*/vic386, another newcomer who reached 4th place.  As far as fifth place is concerned, unless Jalisco is full of Garchomp players owning the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament, we are likely looking at another alternate account of lobo.





Similar changes could be observed in this chart with respect to last month:



The feat of ryuujiid0125 might be less impressive here in terms of numbers, but still having won no less than 689 matches in a month is still a nice achievement, especially considering that they almost doubled the number of wins of last month, and that number has been proven to consider more than one month of time frame.

josue/2003minicachorro won no less than 89 matches last month, and that number was not enough to keep first place in this chart. On the other hand, Mellocair won no less than 68 matches and managed to reach third palce in this chart.

Notably, this chart allows us to estimate a lower bound for the number of wins of princess,elsa*/vic386, with it being 67 wins.

Very surprsing, however, is the return of MarioEnvy, said player had last appeared one year ago, in the charts of August 2018. It's a nice surpsise to see tham again in this chart. They had to win no less than 44 matches last month to finally return.


Overall, this August there was only a slight increase in activity of most of the returning player with respect to July, with the only exception being that of ryuujiid0125. In a certain sense the resutls of the latter are quite surprising, as they don't seem to match the activity of the other players. There could be multiple explanations to this, such as constantly finding a player against which there were many wins, as the latter wouldn't show up in these charts, but ultimately those numbers don't allow us to make any considerations of this kind.

In any case, the numbers reached by josue/2003minicachorro and ryuujiid0125, when compared with the numbers of the other palyers in the chart again give the impression of there being few very active palyers among a generally less active player base, it's still notable how even palyers who were disappeared a year ago from the charts like MarioEnvy managed to return, another sign of the dedication of the remaining palyers despite the more modest numeric values.

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