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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (July 2019)

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Here are the top 5 Wii U online ranked matches charts of the hottest month (or is it August?)!





This time, there were few changes compared to what was seen last motnh:



josue/2003minicachorro is still in first place, having gained this month no less than 7175 points, an amount even higher than the one seen last June. Similarly, Blade/kingtayo and Blazin'/themackmack kept their 3rd and 4th place respectively, having gained no less than 150 and 574 points. sea6741 returns in the chart after having left it last March, having gained no less than 10478 points and ending up in 2nd place, while Ryuujiid0125 in 5th place is a newcomer in the points-based charts, having been seen last time in the wins-based charts last November.





There are a few more changes in this chart, compared to what was seen last month:



josue/2003minicachorro widened the gap with the other players, having won no less than 272 matches last month, while Leo/inkaysquidd maintained their 5th place, having won no less than 4 matches last month. In between, the effort of Ryuujiid0125 is more apparent in this chart, with no less than 241 matches won last month, leading them in 2nd place while in the case of sea6741 the difference with the player in 5th place last month is 27 matches won, enough to reach 3rd place. Mellocair returns in these charts in 4th place after last March, having reached the highest S1 rank in the meantime and having won no less than 26 matches last month.


Overall, the general trend of more activity in the summer holidays was confirmed, This time, josue/2003minicachorro and Ryuujiid0125 proved to be the more active, with sea6741 possibly being very active as well, considering the points gained dsespite the lack of change in rank and the lack of signs of an alternate account being made to quickly gain a lot of points in a few matches.


A quick comparison with the results seen in July last year:







shows that the relative decrese in activity, when comparing the results of the players in first place, wasn't as dramatic as seen in March and April, but at the same time it can be seen how the activity was more widespread, with many palyers having relatively smaller differences compared to the values of the person at the top.


What could be perhaps inferenced from those results and the quick comparison is that, as expected, fewer people are currently actively playing the game, but at the same time those fewer people are still able to be active, meaning that matches can still be found and played.

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Part of me wants to get the Wii U version, but chances are I'll have to leave it with my brother. Not to mention, I bet many players who don't own a switch yet are still there.

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