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Shadow Mewtwo's Special Cancels

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To cut to the chase its a table giving the frame advantage / disadvantage when SM2 performs a special cancel.

There's not much to reading this but to those who might be overwhelmed, there is a key over on the right side of the table.

So .. what exactly does all this even mean?
Essentially the parts in orange are giving you the amount of frames it takes for said Pokemon Move / Special to connect on block. An example will be with the chain, 5Y 6A, which has a 4f gap before 6A hits on block. The data really only helps to players who want to see what is considered a frametrap and what is a true blockstring. Outside of that, there's not really another use for this, well unless you want to figure out if someone can mash a certain button and beat whatever SM2 option he chooses. The blue bars on the left represent what is the "advantage" when SM2 uses a special cancel. Using quotations as that doesn't account for anything actually happening just the initial "advantage". The gap is calculated by taking the speed of the special and subtracting it from advantage in blue. 

How'd you find all this data?
Just used some in-game testing and looked at the Japanese frame data which you can find at the bottom of Shadow Mewtwo's dorito bag (here).


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