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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (June 2019)

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And here we go with the top 5 charts of the online ranked matches of the Wii U version for the month of June 2019!





A few interesting things can be observed when looking at the previous month:


josue/2003minicachorro reconfirmed their first placement, having gained no less than 6987 points the previous month, while Blazin'/themackmack gained no less than 425 points and ended up in 4th place.

Surprisingly, there were at least two palyers who gained a considerable amount of points: one is Lucario,Girl/RieBear who was last seen in the charts of February of this year and gained no less than 18104 points last month ending up in 2nd place, while Blade/kingtayo is a new player in these charts who gained no less than 7629 points, enough to reach 3rd place.

nico.kaltgmx.de is a new entry as well who gained no less than 4748 points to end up in 5th place.





A few interesting changes can be seen in the wins-based charts as well, when comparing to the results of the previous month:



josue/2003minicachorro managed to keep the first place here as well with no less than 164 matches won. Another returning player was spyro22, who rose into 4th place after having won no less than 114 matches.

Lucario,Girl/RieBear managed to end up in 2nd place in this chart as well, having won no less than 222 matches the previous month.

ponysalvaje in 3rd place, who won no less than 117 matches last month, might be an alternate account of the notorious Lobo, considering how they are a player from Jalisco having :Garchomp:as Battle Pokémon.

In 5th place we have a newcomer, Leo/inkaysquidd, who won no less than 70 matches.



In general, the raw numbers showed that activity has increased in June compared to what was seen since February; this is to be expected, with the holidays beginning in that month. The results of July and August are expected to reconfirm this trend, even though almost surely not with the same numbers seen last year.

The fact that the palyer in 5th place in both charts of June had higher raw numbers than the player in 3rd place in the corresponding charts of May is an encouraging sign that the activity increased for many players, not just a few.


In any case, with 3 players in the points-based charts and likely 4 players in the wins-based chart being returning players, the trend of the game still being played by dedicated players was reconfirmed as well.

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