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LCQ 2019 Community Compedium

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Hello everyone,

my name is Gintrax. I am a competitive Pokkén player, Tournament Organizer and leader of the European Pokkén Tournament community.

I'm presenting you a crowdfunding project that aims to bring Pokkén players to the Pokémon World Championships in DC, Washington from August 16th to 18th.
Last year I ran a similar croudfunding project which resulted in our favorite girl from Scotland, Arpee being flown out to Worlds in Nashville!

The players that are eligible to be flown over won't necessarily be top-competitive players. 
Instead its focusing more on these criteria:
- Integration with the community
- Ability to travel (people who cant travel as much are be favored)
- Contributions to the community

In order to support this project, you can donate a desired amount of money and pass ONE vote @TCL Gintrax#8178 on discord.

Once the compendium ends on the 26th July, the player with the highest money/votes ratio will receive a flight from these funds. This process is repeatable until the funds are exhausted.

This is the paypal donation link: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8gASLCYjKZ

The compendium will run for an entire week July 19th - July 26th and I will announce the winner on my stream on Saturday the 27th!

The featured players for the compendium are:
 - Team KIRA
 - Sabrewoif
 - Lario
 - TEC


In order to get to know these community members a little better, they have written up intruductions for themselves:

 - Team KIRA

We are an Italian boy and a French girl players who appeared to have the same nickname for Pokkén but for different reasons.
Kira A and Kira B. So we made a team! We would really like to see for the first time America and its Pokkén community that we would love to meet!
At this point, we went to almost every tournament together and our main goal is that we both reach at least top 8!
Going to Worlds is a dream for both of us and having the opportunity to go there together would be wonderful
Moreover if Team Kira could be qualified thanks to LCQ, it would be the best thing that could ever happen to us!

 - Sabrewoif
I'm Sabre, most commonly known as the original founder and first community leader of Pokkén EU, writer for Pokkén Arena, Writer for Pokemon.com, EU's dedicated commentator, the ex Scizor discord owner.
I could go on but that's all just fluff. In truth I want to soon focus solely on that commentator bit, but before I do I wanna have one last hurrah.
A big send off, I'm hoping LCQ and Worlds this year can be that send off! There's many lovely Pokkén community members in NA I never got to meet and i'm itching for the chance to say hey to them all in person and give them the hugs I owe them.
I'd also like to have one last shot at chasing that competitor glory I never got to achieve for myself.
After that I can sit back happy and dedicate the rest of my time to being what the community needs.

So yeah, hope I can win you over~


 - Lario
Hey! The name‘s Lario, I‘m a Gardevoir player from Switzerland who secondaries Empoleon and Mewtwo.
As most of you may or may not know, I‘m a relatively new player to the scene, who has been watching and playing the game very dedicatedly ever since joining the community.

The reasons I would want to go to the LCQ are actually quite simple. For one, I absolutely love the Pokkén community, it’s grown on me very dearly and there are so, so, so many players going there that I would adore to meet, play friendlies and watch Worlds together with. And of course I wouldn‘t want to miss the chance to try and qualify myself and see how far I‘ve come as a player.
I know I‘m not one of the more popular players or one with a lot of results behind their back, but I‘m being completely honest when I say that getting the chance to go to the LCQ would be a dream come true to me!


 - TEC

Hello! I’m TEC, the newest bug in town.
With being one of the new guys, it’s still kind of tough to throw out what I want to say, even in the written word, but I’m going to try my best.
The thrill of the battle, the adventures I have, and most of all, my family and the Pokkén community are what drive me to play.
When it comes to the community especially, making new friends with like-minded people has been the best thing about competition to me, and I thank each and every one of you that have helped me build towards being the competitor I strive to be.

Now I feel I’m ready to take the next big step in my Pokkén journey, I wish to make the trip to Worlds and not only continue to improve, but to meet and greet so many more people within the community that I’ve yet to meet!
I promise to continue to be a player worthy of all your praises, and I thank you for your consideration in aiding me to get to Worlds!



Thank you for you attention. I hope you will decide to support one of these players!

I'd love to make them a present that they will always remember fondly.

 - Gintrax

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