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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (May 2019)

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Here are the top 5 charts of last month's Wii U online ranked matches!





It shouldn't come as a surprise how the people in the first three places are different from the ones in the chart of the previous month:



There have been nontheless some returning players: josue/2003minicachorro who gained no less than 10417 points and reached first place (and S2 rank as well) and Blazin'/themackmack who gained no less than 2171 points and reached second place. Furthermore, in third place we have a familiar face: Odilonreis, who had appeared in first place in the wins-based chart of the previous month. Curiously enough, the names, country and Battle Pokémon of the players in 4th and 5th plave indicate that those are two account of the same person, vistima.





The wins-based chart had less drastic changes



Odilonreis is no longer in first place, but in second, having won no less than 106 matches the previous month. josue/2003minicachorro is in first place in this chart as well, having won no less than 251 matches. Blazin'/themackmack had a good result in the wins-based chart as well, having raeched the top three. We can't exactly know how many matches they won the previous month, as they have only 9 matches more than the player in fifth palce last month. Similarly, we can't really know how many matches vistima won the previous month, as the difference with the person in 5th place the previous month is just one win. Finally, Kevin/spyro22 returns again in the top 5 charts, this time in 5th place.


Overall, both charts actually showed that the activity didn't decline in the month of May 2019, with josue/2003minicachorro showing more activity than what seen last month and Odilonreis (and possibly Kevin/spyro22 as well) still being active. It would be intriguing to know how much vistima played, but due to the likely use of two accounts, it's not really possible to know that.

This time, the points-based chart was also very similar to the wins-based chart, likely due to the relatively high rank of most of the people in those chart causing less of a mismatch between points gained and matches won.

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