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Smash N Splash 5 Commentary Community Feedback Thread

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In order to help Pokkén Commentators improve we have decided to open up a new section on Pokkén Arena where community members can leave feedback (positive and negative) about commentary and/or commentators, The focus of these post will be a place to allow the community to bring up pros, cons, what went well, what didn't, issues with commentary, ect. for the commentary at a given tournament.  This will also serve as a reference point for commentators on where they can improve, what they can add in, what to practice, and so on. Smash N Splash 5 will be the first test run on these type of posts. We'll be providing links to resources to help make giving feedback easier. When giving feedback about specific commentators we just ask that you make it clear which commentator is being referred whether it's doing bullet points under someone name or specifically referencing them.


Tournament Bracket: SMASH.GG

Tournament Vod(s): STLARMS VOD


Commentator List:

  • SorryTag (Pools + Top12)
  • ThatOneGuy (Pools)
  • IcySoapy (Pools & Top 6)
  • Double (ThankSwalot vs Shadowcat)
  • HanukkahJamboree (Double vs JigglerJoggler | Helios vs Zyflair | Puppyhavoc v Double)
  • SKDale (Helios v Zyflair | Puppyhavoc v Double)
  • Raikel (Pools + Grands)
  • Helios42 (Top12)
  • Nicklecat (Top 6)


If there are any errors in this list or information missing please feel free to say.

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