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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (April 2019)

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Here's the report about the top 5 charts of Wii U ranked matches of last month! Well, this time it's special just because the first report I wrote was the April 2018 top 5 charts! At this point, there will be even in this report a brief comparison to the numbers of last year.




These results are entirely different from the ones seen last month:



All of the names in the chart are new compared to the month before that, the only thing that can be said is that the number of points acquired by the people in first and second place is no less than 5400 and 3377, respecively.


Unsurprisinlgy, the overall numbers seen last year, in April 2018, were greater:


This time, though, the numbers of last year are about twice as big as the currrent ones, indicating a less dramatic decrease in activity than the one prospected by the results of March 2018.




In this chart we can see a couple returning players, one if comparing to last month:



Odilonreis managed to reach first place, winning no less than 129 matches, while luffy/AnestGuerrier21 returned in the chart after having disappeared after November 2018. It's not possible to know how many matches they won in April, though.


The numbers of April 2018 aare even closer to the ones seen here:


In this case, the overall numbers of April 2018 are from one third to twice as big, still a significant decrease but definitely less dramatic than the ones that was apparent from the charts of March 2018.


Indeed, the first reprot of last year showed what could have been a dramatic decrese of activity in April 2018 comapred to March 2018, although the lack of knowledge of how the results of more than one month were summed into the final value led to believe that the decrease happened in one month, whiel it might have happened in multiple months, becoming apparent only in April 2018.


In this case, the increase of points and wins, 5400 and 3377 points and 129 matches won, is more in line with what was saw in the previous report, although the lack of spikes of activity of herobrien/jervis6  (who obtained no less than 9178 points) and of Kevin/spyro22 (who had won no less than 284 matches) is notable. Indeed, those two players are absent from the most recent charts of this report.


Overall, the decrease of activity of April 2019 compared to March 2019, if it actually happened, is much less dramatic than what could be seen in the charts of my first report dealing with April 2018 comapred to March 2018, with the caveat that said decrease of last year might have been more gradual than what the charts suggested.

The charts based on the matches won also showed that a few dedicated players might still be active as well. The next months will allow us to see if they are indeed still active or not.

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