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Announcing the Pokkén Tournament DX App!!

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Hello, it is with great pleasure that I finally get to launch the Pokkén Tournament DX app; DX Assault, starting on Android phones, today! 


This application will be a mass multipurpose tool for Pokkén players alike to have one menu for everything game related! Featuring powerful resources that make it easy for beginners to get easy access to the game and learn information quickly with all the resources in one place, as well as areas for experienced veterans of Pokkén to thrive and hone their skills! 


Featuring an interactive design, players are able to check when next Pokkén events are coming up, look up frame data, learn to play different characters with extensive guides, as well as find the main community! 


The version being released today is the Free version, and does contain ads, I will be later adding in a 'Pro' version containing no ads.


Free Version: Launches other applications designated to their platforms (Ex. Websites like Pokkén Arena and  Smash.GG will launch your default web browser. Platforms like Twitch.TV, Twitter, Discord, YouTube and Reddit with launch their installed app or either a web browser)


Pro Version: Launches ALL the above within the application without external web browsers or apps. aka web integration
iOS version will get released later in the year.


If you are finding any issues with the application, don't hesitate to join my discord, where I have a channel specifically dedicated to helping with issues regarding the app. 

(updates and error reports/feedback is where you would go to report or chat about)



To download this app today! Follow this link to the direct download page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Pokkén.sayafkadam.dxassaultfree


To join my discord, follow this one: https://discord.gg/VCP68sM



I hope you all enjoy what I've worked on, and continue to support its development! 


(Note, Some of you may see sections on the app, such as notable players, to be slightly out of date, this is because this information specifically is being pulled from Shoryuken's information which is not all up to date! I will be manually updating all that info, following with the players social media links and information in the coming weeks! For now, I hope you enjoy!) 





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