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List of input recorder chargeable move inputs

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There are 3 possible directions (8, 4 and 2) if you don't see said direction that means it doesn't work with this move.

usually it goes: 8/up is default | 4/back is level 2 | 2/down is level 3 (diagonals, neutral and forward aren't used)

in field you replace 8 with forward, 4 with side(only the right side works) and 2 with backwards, jump variants are a little finicky in field. (I swear duel and field have different jump properties)


Note: you can use any move to shield buffer after, e.g. when your doing a combo you can use the last move to buffer into the chargeable move, as long as it doesn't mess with said move(special cancelling, stance cancelling, etc.) it sounds complicated but I got used to it very fast (like describing a quarter circle).



[R(8AA)] Withdraw


[R(8XX)] charge strong attack (Flash Kick)


[R(8AA)] Sunny Day


[R(8AA)] Minimize keeps cancelling into 8A, used 2Y to shield buffer. (use a fast move that doesn't cancel into anything when this happens)

[R(8XX)] charge strong attack (Cheer)


[R(8AA)] Acupressure (random)

[R(8XX)] charge strong attack (Uppercut)


[R(8YY)] Phantom (Shadow) (did you know they specify the type of phantom in-game?)

[R(8XX)] Orb consume


[R(8AA)] Feather Dance

[R(8XX)] debuff Screech

[R(8YY)] Leaf Arrows


[R(8XX)] Drill Anti-Air

j.[R(8XX)] midair Drill Dive (looks like doing j.R)

666[R(8XX)] Running-Stance Drill AA (not possible, 6YY and 2AR also don't work, might need some special input)

666 j.[R(8XX)] RS midair Drill Dive (this one looks like your doing j.X, couldn't get the j.R timing to work)


[R(8AA)] Moonblast


[R(8AA)] Sludge Bomb (works in Burst)

j.[R(8AA)] midair Sludge Bomb (can't buffer this after using permeate, e.g. permeate> midair Sludge Bomb) 

[R(8XX)] charge strong attack


[R(8YY)] level 1 Uppercut AA

[R(4YY)] level 2 Uppercut AA


[R(8AA)] Bug Bite


[R(8AA)] Recover


it's really difficult to get her to not cancel the icy wind so doing it raw isn't an effective input, I used 2Y to shield buffer these inputs without cancelling

[R(8AA)]  level 1 (50 dmg)

[R(4AA)] level 2 (60 dmg)

[R(2AA)] level 3 (2 hit)

synergy burst uses all three directions but output the 3rd level so that's kind of a glitch?

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