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Gardevoir BNB Combo Guide WIP

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Hello, lovely members of the Pokkén community!


Skipping the introductions, for now, this post is going to be a full-fledged combo guide for the Psychic Fairy type Gardevoir.


Now, she‘s already been a playable character since the game‘s launch three years ago, so a guide like this might seem a little due, but hey better late than never. And there‘s actually a very good reason as to why there wasn‘t much besides AppleBoom's draft (shoutout to him for making one in the first place) for so long.


You see, Gardevoir‘s a very reset heavy character. She strives of being able to pressure you with her amazing okizeme tools and damaging mixups, so a lot of times you‘ll see Gardevoir players purposely end their combos earlier instead of shifting to preserve positioning and go for oki pressure. Meaning it‘s kinda hard to create a definitive combo guide when you technically have such a huge amount of routes you can go for.


That is why for this guide, besides going over her optimal combo routes from each starter, I will also highlight the moves with which you‘re most likely going to reset your opponent in a vibrant RED. Meaning those moves are the most favorable confirms for you to decide if you either want to finish the combo or go for a reset.


I also put the damage values at the end of each combo or well, at least the amount of damage you get, if you don‘t go for a reset. And also visualizations for each combo with the input history shown. Generally, and that especially applies to newer players, I would recommend to rather finish the combo in most cases to stay on the safe side of your advantage and snack some synergy because of the shift than ending it early. Only go for resets if you‘re confident in what you‘re doing. 


As for some of the notations, these [ ] showcase the level of Stored Power 6A used, which is reliant on the number of Calm Mind stacks around you when using the move. Meaning if you start with one stack, but you squeeze in a 4A somewhere in the combo, the following 6A becomes a [2]. Anyway, I hope I didn't make things too complicated now, but with that happy reading!





Midscreen combos

[CA]/crit CA

  • 2Y 2Y ]A[ R (183)
  • 6A [3] ijA (222)







  • 2Y 5YYY 5A (180)
  • 5X 6A [2] (197)
  • 5X 6A [3] (222)



6X (these don't work on Sceptile, Charizard, Blastoise and Machamp)

  • 5X 4AYY 6A (191)
  • 5X 4AYY 6A [2] (206)







  • 4AYY 5X 6A [1] (192)
  • 4AYY 5X 6A [2] (207)
  • 4AYY 6A [3] (232)
  • 6A [3] ijA (241)







  • 5YYY 5A (134)
  • 5YY 6A [2] 6X (150)
  • 5YY 6A [3] ijA (174)








Wallsplat Combos

5A (or 4x if you ever land that)

  • 8[Y] 8Y (234 +30)
  • 6A [1/2/3] ij[A] ]A[ R (281 +30)







  • ijA 8[Y] (266 +30)
  • 6A [1/2/3] ijA 8[Y] (281 +30)







Burst Combos

[CA]/crit CA

  • 4AYY 6A [2] 6X (211)
  • 4AYY 6A [3] 5A (226)





Burst Confirms

  • Literally, all combos of the above confirm into her burst Attack at any moment





And these would be all I wanted to share for now! Of course, these aren't the only combo starters in Gardevoir's arsenal, she still has 2X counter pierce combos, Future SIght Psychic follow-ups, jCA tip combos, Thermodynamic Resets, field phase combos and many more, but I think these are the most important ones to learn when starting.


Nonetheless, I'd be happy to hear any more suggestions or critique of this guide. I mean it is kinda my first one, so I'm still not entirely sure of what I'm doing.

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I suggest adding 5A 2X 6A (1/2/3) [8Y] wall combo.

combo starters vary but it's better to connect 5A raw without 5Y first

anything that connects with i15 or i19 on ground next to a wall works.

5X 5A!

J.X 5A!

burst J.Y 5A (broken damage)

you can also start from the 2X part for most moves that wall-splat.

6X! 2X

[XA]! 2X (tilting back to get high wall-splat)

you can also end your wall combos with 6A or 5Y6A into [8Y] (1/2/3 variants)

J.A! 5Y6A

6X! J.A 5Y6A [8Y] (311)


Gardevoire tends to have "build-a-bear" combos when it comes to wall-splats, so anything does around 280-300


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