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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (March 2019)

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Here we are for the March 2019 top 5 charts of Wii U online ranked matches! And there are two surprises too! Well, one actually, the other is just a consequence of the first report being written in April 2018, thus meaning that the March 2018 charts are available for a comparison!





Again, there are quite a few changes compared to the chart of last month:


On one hand, yuukatubasa is still at the top, with an increase of 649 points compared to last month; on the other hand, perea81 had a more significant increase of points, 4624 points, which allowed them to reach 3rd place. It's also interesting to note how Mellocair, who appeared in the wins-based chart last month, appeared in the points-based chart of this month as well. They got no less than 1870 points this month.

Very interesting is the performace of herobrien/jervis6 as well, who obtained no less than 9178 points, ending in 2nd place. Finally, this time even the minimum increase in points of Lashe in 5th place can be estimated, it being 878 points.


Since these reports started on april 2018, we can also see the charts of March 2018 to make a quick comparison on the activity:



Back then, more than 3 times the points were needed to reach 1st place, even 5th place had a higher amount of points than the current 1st place, although the two values are more similar.





The changes with respect to last month here are less drastic than those observed in the comparison of the points-based charts:



yuukatubasa, Mellocair and perea81 all reappear from the previous month, with an increase of wins which is 12, 70 and 100 respectively. In 5th place we see the return of Odilonreis, who was last seen in the charts on Novemeber 2018. This time they won no less than 21 matches to return in the chart. The most intriguing change in this chart, though, can only be appreciated when looking at the chart of March 2018:



As surprising as it might look, Kevin/spyro22 finally managed to reach the top of the chart after disappearing from the charts for an entire year! No less than 284 wins were needed for the achievement, which is actually the biggest minimum increase seen in the current charts.


When comparing the number of wins, the values still tell us that more than twice the number of wins were needed to reach the top of the charts last year, although even with the results of this month Kevin/spyro22 would still have reached 5th place the chart of March 2018, adding to the merits of said results.


To qucikly sum things up, the comparison with the results of last year definitely indicate that the expected decline in activity in the online ranked matches effectively happened, with the current activity being possibly one half to one third of the activity of last year.

Despite that sharp decline in overall activity, some dedicated players didn't drop the mode, with perea81 and Mellocair continuing to have some matches this month and Odilonreis returning to them after having disappeared last December. The real surprise of this month though was the return of Kevin/spyro22, who managed to finally reach first place after last March they only managed to reach 2nd place. Considering how they had since disappeared from the charts, said return with a result that would have allowed them to appaer even in the top 5 chart of last year definitely stands out, to say the least.

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