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PA:NA S2: Update 2.1 Character H2H Charts (Overall + Top Cut) Data

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Moving over more charts from Twitter with a small amount of notes.
This time it's character data. This data only takes tournaments from the 2.1 Update.
Tournaments include: Summer Jam, SoCal Regionals, Eye of the Storm, Canada Cup, Destiny.

Character H2H Overall Data Chart:



DX S2 2.1 Character winrate overall.png

This chart takes from all available data from Smash.GG and Tournament Vods.

Character H2H Top Cut Chart + Character Match Appearances Chart:


DX S2 2.1 Character winrate topcut.png

DX S2 2.1 Character Apperances.png

Mirror Matches only count once in the appearance chart.


  • Gengar Mirror Matched 3 times at Eye of the Storm (SirSpudd v TheJrJam).
  • Shadow Mewtwo Mirror Matched 4 times at Canada Cup (InTheGroove vs TytoVortex).
  • In the first update of the season Blastoise, Braixen, Pikachu, and Weavile all see no play in top cut over 5 tournaments.
  • Chandelure (34), Sceptile (33), Mewtwo (32) see the most matches played in top cut.
  • Scizor has the lowest matches played with a single match at Destiny.
  • All 17 of Gardevoir's matches were all at Canada Cup.
  • Shadow Mewtwo had 21 of his 22 matches at Canada Cup.
  • Aegislash had 22 of his 25 matches at Destiny.


  • Chandelure vs Sceptile goes from a slight positive win rate (12-11) in the Overall spread to a small negative win rate in the Top Cut Spread (8-11).
  • All of Aegislash vs Suicune was in Top Cut at Destiny (Wingtide vs Burnside).
  • Aegislash dominates Scizor 8 - 1 in the Overall Chart compared to the 1 - 0 in the top cut chart.

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