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Pokkén Text/Code Transliterated

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[I'm gonna add to this post over time so check back if you want to.]

(in switch update 8.0.0 they decided to add a zoom function for no reason, and I still can't believe it, i'm so confused and happy.)

Pokkén has a ciphered alphabet that the devs put on stuff.

I might also add the Unowns on the walls of Regi Ruins


Note: Q is missing, also the Z letter is actually J so they might be swapped.

thanks to calicostonewolf on deviantart this post was possible because

there's no way I would've bothered translating from scratch.


SVG file I tried to make a font of(+maxPNG): filebin.net/omey5nt993kg66re

Why am I doing this?

because I love torture.

:PikachuLibre:back Y is a godsend for viewing high angles

list of trains.


World/Ferrum Menu(featuring microscopic and low contrast text)  blue=correct | orange=too blurry or low contrast | yellow=correct but not sure what it means

first loading screen with blue Ferrum logo:  WORLD MAP NAVI SYSTEM  |  text above Ferrum Region: WORLD VIEWER  |  West border text: WORLD MAP  |  East border text: WORLD MAP

word below user profile: COMM  |  location image text: SUB WINDOW VIEW


Battle Pause Menu

Ferrum logo: HUD MODE


Looping atomic sized text: ??? (consists of 6, 4, 2 and 1 line sections) all the characters are very round, seems to be gibberish as most words are about 10-13 characters each(some reach 24), the single line section has // at the beginning (might indicate that it's some sort of note or comment)



Training Gym (game cycles between power (night) and speed (daylight) Gym.)


Gym Similarities:

Machamp/Pika Libre billboard: SPORTS GYM STRENGTH (both of them say "strength" weirdly enough)

Machamp/Pika Libre circular poster: BATTLE TOURNAMENT POKEMON (This was so hard I basically guessed based on 4 letters, but now it seems coherent)

Stage border: PASSIVITY ZONE


Outer border stair: SPORTS GYM (this one required insane camera angles)

Blue base: BLUE TEAM

Red base: RED TEAM

Scoreboard: RED / BLUE (might change numbers between rounds)

TV viewing blue base: NOW DURING THE MATCH ! ! (it always has a picture of the daylight gym and doesn't show your Pokemon)

TV viewing red base : NOW DURING THE MATCH ! ! (same thing)

Green sign: LOCKER

Sandbags: STRENGTH

Poster showing how to wrap your hands:

Screen that swaps between 4 images: ˅

  1. Two runners: RUNNING
  2. Two boxers: BOXING
  3. Treadmill: EXERCISE
  4. Weightlifter: BARBELL

Big TV: REGULATION + 2 rules (it's in english japanese for some reason)

  2. it's a lost cause


In the power gym, one of the corner pillars has the word "GYM" on it that don't appear at the speed gym,

that's the only difference in text I found.



Unown Pokemon.


Wall in Regi Ruins:

In my search for Pokkén related secrets I found this awesome post about Pokemon appearances: http://fablednotes.com/2016/03/19/Pokkén-tournament-details-easter-eggs-p-1/


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