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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (February 2019)

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Here is the monthly update on the TOP 5 charts of Wii U online ranked matches!





The chart has some pretty big differences compared to that of last month:



Only two palyers are returning, RieBear whose points increased by 125, and yuukatubasa, whose points increased by 625. These small increases are already enough to reach second and first place, respectively. Of the newcomers, we can only estimate the minimum points increase of sea6741 in third place, which is 4867 points, an amount only slightly lower than the minimum estimated amount of last month, 5219 points gained by TOMRO_SUN who then disappeared from the charts of this month.





The differences with respect to past month are similar to those seen in the points' chart:



We see that agin, the number of wins of RieBear increased by 5, while the number of wins of yuukatubasa increased by 11. These are again small increases, yet they are enough to reach first and second place. Since the other players have a number of wins which is less than 606, it's not possible to estimate the number of wins they had in the previous month. One thing to note, though, is that in third place of this chart we have the return of Mellocair, a player maining Garchomp active in September and October 2018. Last time that they appeared in the charts, their rank was A5, so this again suggests that the player has been active all these months.


Overall, these results again seem to indicate how many current players reach these charts through short but intense bursts of activity, as indicated by the little increases in the following months as well as them leaving the charts in just a few months, likely as soon as the points and wins obtained in these bursts expire. Notable exceptions can still be seen, that of this month being the return of Mellocair, who was in these charts a few months ago, with a much lower rank.

Likely due to expiration of wins and points, this month the numbers seen in the charts are much lower, to the point that it's not possible to make reliable considerations on this month's overall activity in this mode. Hopefully, next month an estimation of the minimum number of wins for the newcomers will be possible, allowing to have a better idea of the actual activity.

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