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Bullet Storm & Bulletquaza: Advanced Arts of Bullet Seed

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Bullet Storm: Bullet Seed + Leaf Storm

Bullet Seed (5AA), one of Sceptile's many traps, sends the opponent off the ground. Leaf Storm (8A) is Sceptile's anti-air grab that deals high damage at the cost of being highly punishable when it misses or applying an attack debuff when it lands. Comboing Bullet Seed into Leaf Storm is nothing new. However, what if I told you that (with precise timing) the Leaf Storm could be a critical hit, dealing even more damage? This is the basis of the tech I call Bullet Storm. 


The discovery occurred May 29, 2018 when this happened during a battle with the CPU:


From there, I was pushed to delve deeper by Techless' engagement and my own curiosity & tried to replicate what happened in Free Training.


I'm not 100% sure why this works but the best explanation I can give would be that the Bullet Seed is outlasting the Counter Armor and pushing the opponent upward to be caught by Leaf Storm as usual. However, Bullet Storm occurs during a precise timing when the game seems to still read the opponent as having Counter Armor, applying a critical hit to Leaf Storm -  a grab.


With help from Antwerp and Jamesibell, I managed to get Bullet Storm to work against almost every member of the Pokkén DX cast. The only two I couldn't get are Pikachu and Pikachu Libre. However, Jamesibell managed to land Bullet Storm against Weavile so I assume it can also work against the Pikachus, just that it's significantly harder on these smaller characters. In-game footage of Bullet Storm working against every character in Pokkén DX (excluding the Pikachus) can be found in my Bullet Storm Data Log on Twitter.


Bulletquaza: Bullet Seed + Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza is my favorite Pokemon of all time. As such, you can probably imagine my immense excitement for its Pokkén DX DLC reveal and my disappointment when it was discovered to not be as good as I would have liked - even being outshined in the meta by Magikarp. Rayquaza's biggest weaknesses were that it couldn't be comboed, it was could be jumped over on reaction, and it used up Synergy. Using it almost strictly as a whiff-punish tool can quell the second weakness and the third can be made up by playing to get Synergy (Phase Shifts, Synergy Orbs, Giga Drain (2A), etc.). However, it still forces a hard knockdown at the end of its attack. But what if I told you that you COULD pick up a combo from Rayquaza? This is the basis of the tech I call Bulletquaza.


Not only does Rayquaza deal a large amount of damage on impact, but it pushes the opponent away. And as stated before, Sceptile's Bullet Seed (5AA) sends opponents into the air. By combining these together, we can create a scenario where Rayquaza hits the opponent into an active Bullet Seed. If the opponent is on low enough HP, the Bullet Seed may be enough to simply KO after the large damage from Rayquaza. With precise spacing (such as seen below), the Bullet Seed will actually pick up the opponent over Rayquaza, allowing Sceptile to combo as usual after Rayquaza's initial high damage attack. 



It is also worth noting that Rayquaza breaks Counter Armor so even if your opponent is countering, Rayquaza will still land its strike. And, if your opponent shields, they take chip damage from both Rayquaza and Bullet Seed. Since the Bullet Seed is placed behind the opponent, it will catch them if they try to jump backwards. If they jump forwards, however, they can punish if they avoid Rayquaza's hitboxes entirely. This is where mind games can be played. If you suspect your opponent will jump forward to get a punish, you can catch them by going for anti-air attacks such as Leaf Storm (8A) or Toxic (8Y). 


As a side note, I have also tried this idea with other attacks (Suicune's Hail (2A), Shadow Mewtwo's pillar (6Y+2A), Darkrai's rifts (#X+2A) & 8[Y]) but none were able to pick up the opponent for a combo after they were hit by Rayquaza. The only other attack I've managed to combo with Rayquaza was with Garchomp in Field Phase via j[Y]. However, it's A LOT harder to pull off than Sceptile's Bulletquaza since it requires precise spacing in Field Phase (where the opponent has much more room to avoid the attack) and requires Garchomp to charge j[Y] in the air (which leaves Garchomp wide open to be punished). 





As a final note, since these techs are quite old now, I took a quick step into Free Training and confirmed that both Bullet Storm and Bulletquaza still work and have NOT been patched out as of the early morning of February 27, 2019 (and happy Pokemon Day for anyone reading this post the day I typed it).

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