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Mister Wu

The special attributes used by the game and how they are applied to the opponent's attacks

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Since I could recently examine this aspect fo the game, I'l lbriefly explain this crucial part of the game:


what are the special attributes that the game applies toward incoming attacks from the opponent


As you'll see, this includes blue armor, red armor and even evasion.




First of all, let's see how the game categorizes incoming attacks from the opponent:


the incoming attacks can fall into various among 9 categories, based on height and attack type, that are both coded in the attack tables (here are the ones of the fighter Pokémon of Pokkén Tournament DX version 1.3.3,  while here are the ones of the fighter Pokémon of the Wii U version)




The game has three heights:


h = high

m = mid

l = low


It is important to note how an attack can actually fall into multiple heights; in particular the coded heights, along with the name we currently give them, are:


h = High

hm = Mid High

hl = not currently categorized

m = Special Mid

ml =Mid Low

l = Low

hml = True Mid




The game has three attack types:


grap = direct attack

shot = ranged attack

throw = grab


in this case, each attack fit into just one of these categories.




To modify the behavior toward incoming attacks, the game potentially can rely on eight attributes, although it is possible that only six of them are actually used. These attributes are:


-1 = standard behavior. The reaction to the incoming attack is the usual one:



0 = set by the unmapped attr_yarare_air functions. Since the attributes are also initialized to this value, it's possible that it works in the same way as the -1 attribute


1 = evasion, set by the attr_evade functions. The attack simply fails to connect, with the hitbox not interacting with the player:



2 = invincibility, set by the attr_muteki functions that are used in BA as well as some hitstuns. The attack can't interact with the player:



3 = red armor, set by the attr_armor functions (for grap and shot attacks) as well as the attr_attack functions (that set it for throw attacks of all heights). Hitstun is removed, allowing the animation to continue after the hitstop, and the damage of shot type attacks is halved. Phase Shift Points are still gained and KO is not prevented. It stops working at the 10th attack or when hit by a piercing attack. In the case of throw attacks, 30 Mega values are gained, the grab fails to connect and the grab anitmation goes on as if the grab was whiffed:



4 = blue armor, set by the attr_block functions (exclusively for grap and shot attacks), the attack deals no damage and causes no hitstun, allowing the animation to continue after the hitstop, furthermore 12 Mega values are gained and the Phase Shift Points are negated. It stops working when hit by a piercing attack:



5 = shield, set by the attr_guard_freeze functions (exclusively for grap and shot attacks). The attack is shielded, even if the player is no longer holding the guard button:



6 = repelling red armor, set by the  attr_attack_repel functions for throw attacks (although unused attr_attack_repel_armor functions that set it for the other attack types exist in the code), it works like the red armor, but after the hitstop, the player is repelled backward:





7 = impact, set by the unmapped attr_impact functions, since those functions are not mapped to common states or moves of the fighter, it's not currently possible to know what this attribute does

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Let's now see how the attributes were set in the examples I provided above:





As we'll see below, the preliminary phase of the jump has the attr_jump set for the whole phase, it sets the following attributes:


h throw = 1

m throw = 1

l grap = 1

l shot = 1

l throw = 1


Since there is evasion on grabs of all heights, the standard grab (B + Y) is therefore evaded.


As an aside, the standard grab has a special flag set that prevents it from grabbing opponents who are not on ground, for this reason, and not because of evasion properties, the standard grab fails to grab :Charizard: in Flying Stance:






In the Wii U version, the Burst Attack started in the air has the attr_muteki_all_hml set for the whole duration of the preliminary animation, said function sets the following attributes:


h grap = 2

h shot = 2

h throw = 2

m grap = 2

m shot = 2

m throw = 2

l grap = 2

l shot = 2

l throw = 2


Since invincibility is set for all attack types, the counterattack is evaded.





The high stance has the attr_attack_armor_m set from frame 4 of the animation (5th frame) until the last frame in which the high stance button is pushed. This function sets the following attributes:


h throw = 3

m grap = 3

m shot = 3

m throw = 3

l throw = 3


It should be noticed how this is a composite of the attr_attack and attr_armor_m functions, composite functions are commonly used in the game to set multiple attributes at once. In this case, since there is red armor on all the throw attacks, the grab is red armored.





Fire Punch in Duel Phase has the attr_block_all_hml set from frame 0 to frame 24 of the animation, this function sets the following attributes:


h grap = 4

h shot = 4

m grap = 4

m shot = 4

l grap = 4

l shot = 4


Since all the direct attacks are blue armored in that time frame, this simple punch attack (5Y) is blue armored as well.





The first hit of the counterattack triggers the dm_guard_weak animation that has the attr_guard_freeze set from frame 0 until frame freeze+12 (12 frames after the guard stun animation), this function sets the following attributes:


h grap = 5

h shot = 5

h throw = 1

m grap = 5

m shot = 5

m throw = 1

l grap = 5

l shot = 5

l throw = 1


since the second hit of the counterattack hits before guard stun is finished, said second hit is automatically shielded even without the player's input.

A notheworthy detail: during guard stun, grabs are set to evasion, this explains why the simple punch (5Y) canceled into Seismic Toss is evaded: Seisimic Toss is active before evasion has ended.








In the case of the simple punch (5Y), the function attr_attack_repel is set from frame 0 to frame 7, said function sets the following attributes:


h throw = 6

m throw = 6

l throw = 6


since the grab hits in that time frame, it is red armored and then the player is repelled.




Jump consists in two phases:


Phase 1 goes from frame 0 to frame 4





During this phase it's possible to cancel the jump into ground moves.


Phase 2 starts from frame 5 onward



In this phase it's possible to start aerial moves.


Phase 1 has the attr_jump set for the whole phase, it sets the following attributes:


h throw = 1

m throw = 1

l grap = 1

l shot = 1

l throw = 1


Phase 2 has the attr_jump_start set from frame 0 until frame 8, it sets the following attributes:


h throw = 1

m grap = 1

m shot = 1

l grap = 1

l shot = 1


both these functions explain the peculiar evasion properties of jumps.



The step backward (also known as backdash) has the attr_backstep function, that in the case of :Charizard: is set from frame 0 to frame 7 of the animation. It sets the following attributes:

h grap = 2

h throw = 2

m grap = 2

m throw = 2

l grap = 2

l throw = 2


Stepping back allows to avoid grabs and direct attacks, but not ranged attacks. Surprisingly, this function sets the evasion using the invincibility attributes:


Edited by Mister Wu
Fixed the info about the evasion picture and why Flying Stance evades standard grabs

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An update:


I was wrong about how the attack height is determined: attack height is a coded value found in the attack table, just like the attack type.


Furthermore, :Charizard:'s Flying Stance was able to evade standard grabs simply because those grabs have special flags that allow them to only grab opponents on ground and not opponents in the air.


I now corrected the posts I made and uplaoded a new image that shows a case of actual evasion due to attributes.

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