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World Wide PR Character Count

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Just something interesting I was wondering so I counted
Out of all the current PR lists on http://www.pokkenarena.com/rankings between North America, Europe and Japan. (Wingtide is the only crossover and I didn't count him twice) This is the number of characters on those PR lists

It might be a bit off because the JP PR has some players missing characters. Let me know of changes so I can update it

:Aegislash: 9
:Blastoise: 0
:Blaziken: 4
:Braixen: 2
:Chandelure: 5
:Charizard: 2
:Croagunk: 1
:Darkrai: 5
:Decidueye: 3
:Empoleon: 2
:Garchomp: 4
:Gardevoir: 3
:Gengar: 5
:Lucario: 9
:Machamp: 4
:Mewtwo: 11
:Pikachu: 4
:PikachuLibre: 6
:Sceptile: 10
:Scizor: 4
:ShadowMewtwo: 5
:Suicune: 5
:Weavile: 0


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