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200 Damage 5X combos without the wall

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Hello everyone!


My name is Lario and this is gonna be my first contribution to Pokkén Arena in form of a post in honour of our favorite Penguin Emperor. 


More specifically it's going to be about the slashing move 5X. Now to start with some data 5X is with 15 frames a pretty fast heavy attack with good pushback, 70 base damage, decent range and the ability to stun, meaning you can follow it up with literally whatever you want. It's -12, but not grab punishable because of its pushback, so only a handful of characters have a consistent punish for it. 


Overall, I'd say it's Empoleon's greatest combo starter, so for a while I've been wondering how much damage you can get out of a 5X combo. To be precise, if it's possible to get over 200 damage without the need of the wall, supports or burst. For a reference, Pikachu's Electric God fist 6:y with the just frame leads into 188 damage, so 200 is quite a lot. But with Empoleon's crazy damage potential, it is definitely possible.


However, one problem arises. Because Empoleon is Empoleon, character specific combos are required to get this kinda damage, so I've gone through every character to compile all the data and put it together here.


So following will be the notations for said combos, on which characters they work and a short video demonstrating it.


Level 3 AJ Combo


5X 4X 2[X] SL Y 5ABR jY 4AY


Works on: BlastoiseHD.png.0fac95dad406d2fda4e849a08dc7e84d.pngBraixenHD.png.86be58ee9a6c46b30d1053402a6cfa1e.pngLucarioHD.png.cb8f419cb4d35a8de06a8650cc83eec6.pngSuicuneHD.png.df68b76d4dd3110ff201fc34b09c29ab.pngDecidueyeHD.png.0878dcc20738e6dfe3b0b4e96a9a8073.png




Big Boy Defog Combo


5X 4X 2[X] SL Y 4ABR jY 5Y 5AX


Works on: AegislashHD.png.f8c790f684faea4ec5b773cb13f83935.pngBlazikenHD.png.a856f6be5ce973ffe030975bb696a60c.pngCharizardHD.png.7d6c538a32dc19fef6ed0fdc54475111.pngDarkraiHD.png.17965083fd84f7975ee61f67b7c682f5.pngGardevoirHD.png.4cf7ab413c5051beb4ae2e6dc04a62c7.pngScizorHD.png.620cf84e7449cafe20fa4544b16729fa.png




Small Boy Defog Combo


5X 4X 5Y 4ABR jY 5Y 5AX


Works on:CroagunkHD.png.1a3561d228a3e9d7c204dee48757ef9b.pngGengarHD.png.d33456fc2d893d5dacb787f3960d95c9.pngPikachuHD.png.dd5cd14ea550ac2db748b9627b06074e.pngPikachuLibreHD.png.b24499344ea94308248941df982798a0.pngWeavileHD.png.6e0193b55c6851bfddada2062b2cc41f.png



Thanks to Galladeknight for finding this next combo, specifically for Sceptile with some tight jy timing


5X 4X 2[X] SL Y 5ABR jY 5Y 4AX


Works on:SceptileHD.png.9f68baebf5a9bcca00d61117a1025a36.png






And those are all. Now you might have noticed that not all characters were included here, that's because for these lucky fuckers, being:


I have been unable to find a combo from a 5X that does over 200 damage without the wall. So just go for the Ice beam or Debuff routes, they're still pretty damaging regardless.


If someone happens to find something for these characters, please tell me and I will update it!


And that is all, happy slashing everyone!


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