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Pokkén Chile League January PR

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January is over and with that the end of the first month of weekly tournaments of the new Pokkén Chile League, we got 11 participants this month and with a very consistent quorum to pack up, I'll leave you with the current standings along with the tournament brackets. Due to February being the month everyone in Chile takes vacation, the league will resume on March, see you then!

Tournament Brackets:
Pokkén DX Chile League- Enero 1/4: https://challonge.com/r6uezz6l
Pokkén DX Chile League- Enero 2/4: https://challonge.com/mqrafx8u
Pokkén DX Chile League- Enero 3/4: https://challonge.com/4lyg2dh
Pokkén DX Chile League- Enero 4/4: https://challonge.com/j26smhb


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