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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (December 2018)

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The feeling when I almost forgot about this


Here is the monthly update on the top 5 charts of online ranked matches in the Wii U version of the game!





When compared to last month, there was a noticeable increase in points:



While artofspeed and vince returned, the former gaining no less than 17362 points and the latter gaining no less than 574 points, the other three were new. The most impressive case is that of Mario.Luigui.taku, who gained no less than 35540 points and ended up in first place. Very interesting is the return of Jessica Parra, who had disappeared from the top 5 charts since last August. Finally, in 5th place there was a newcomer, Shosei.





This time, the wins-based chart perfectly matches the points-based chart.



Comapred to last month, only vince returned, having won no less than 5 matches last month. This match between points-based chart and wins-based chart means that the placement in the chart wasn't heavily favored by the relatively middle rank of taku, Jessica Parra and Shosei (B rank). Indeed, taku won no less than 469 matches last month and Jessica won no less than 451 matches. Shosei on the other hand needed to win no less than 41 matches last month to enter these charts. Since these are lowest bounds for the estimation, with the actual achievement possibly being significantly more important (up to 642 matches won last month in the best case for Shosei),  it's important to be careful before considering the achievement of Shosei less impressive.


In any case, the lowest bounds of the estimation were higher than those seen last month, suggesting an increase in activity, which is after all partially to be expected due to the Christmas or Winter holidays. It was in particular quite interesting to see the return of Jessica Parra, who had disappeared from the charts since last August. The results of the next two months will allow us to see what was the actual effect of the holidays.

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