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Upcoming Pokkén Events 2019

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Looking for big upcoming events for Pokkén around the world? Trying to take your game offline and join the competitive community at regional/national/international events? You'll be able to find all of the confirmed Pokkén events happening around the world here! Links are provided in case anyone wants to view the event in more detail. Events that are rumored to have Pokkén but are not confirmed with a registration link will not be added to this page yet. Once those events have registration links provided, they will be updated to this list.


Don't see an event listed here that's coming up? Let me know, and I'll add the event to the list. Make sure you include a link to the event and the location!










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Here's a list of Unconfirmed Events. This list is events that are suspected/rumored to have Pokkén, but do not have an event page currently up.



  • May 24th - 26th : Combo Breaker
    • Side Event last year. No Event Page

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