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How to start a Pokkén Weekly, Monthly or Biweekly or Bimonthly 101

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Hi guys! As you know, I love Pokkén and run locals, and I wanna see everyone have as much fun as me, and I know it pains some people to not be able to have a local in their area, so that's where I come in. I will help YOU, the Pokkén fan, the dedicated person, host and run your very own local from scratch, just follow the guide below! Enjoy and if you have any questions DM me on twitter @MunsterFGC 


Step 1:


Frequency of event 


3 big factors to consider:

  • How much time do you have?
  • How much time do your players have?
  • How expensive will it be (for you and your players (entry fee, venue fee))



Step 2:

Research/Interest of the players

  • Bring your switch to locals of games other than Pokkén and ask if people want to play Pokkén with you in between their brackets
  • At the local scene find the head TO
  • Talk to them about your game and how some of the players that you’ve been playing with enjoy the game. 
  • Asking your friends to join you and come to the event to play video games with you!! 
  • THEN Bring your friends



Step 3:


Logistics of it

  • Figure out if you want one setup or two (completely dependent on amount of people who register and how many switches you have) 
  • Ask head TO if they could provide monitors (you would bring everything else) 


Step 4:

What you will be bringing

  •  Desktop PC or Gaming Laptop
  •  If you don’t have the local streamed then the local is pointless and won’t be as much of an incentive for players to participate or grow
  •  Mic (Blue yeti or snowball or headset mics for commentary)
  • Cameras (either 1 or two (one for commentary, one for players)) 
  • Switches (2 Nintendo switches with the game, with spare controllers and LAN Adapters) 
  • Elgato or game capture device


Step 5:



  • Does your local have a name? - if yes then this will be your base for promotion
  • Does your local have a date? - if yes then people and PokkenArena can mark their calendars regularly!
  • Do YOU have Twitter? - if yes then you can promote the event like crazy when it goes LIVE on Twitch!
  • Do you have Discord? (region discord too) - if yes then you can ask for help, gather more players in the area and invite OUT OF STATE talent! 
  • Do you have Smash.gg - if yes then you can run the bracket smoothly and tell people where to sign up!

Step 6:


How to keep your player base

  •  MAKE A GROUP CHAT (Facebook Messenger or Discord)
  • They can know when the next event is
  • They will now Know how to register
  • They will now Know where it is




  • Overlays from designers can be done from cool people in the community, just ask around in the main discord!
  • Stream advice can be gotten from members in the community as well! 
  • Commentators are a big part of it, and you might need to do commentary with your friends until you get commentators that regularly come to commentate (which is rare), you can also get the players participating to commentate!!





I will be posting a VoD of how to do this with explanation soon (video from twitch) 

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If you have any extra things to add comment below! I will be answering questions here as well!  

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