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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (November 2018)

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As usual, here are the top 5 chart of the onlnie ranked matches in the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament, to have an idea of the activity in this mode!





When compared to the results of last month, something interesting can be noticed:



While first place still belongs to luffy who gained no less than 4775 points compared to last month, all the other places now have completely different people, with an increase in points that is expected to be greater than that of luffy except for ririri in 5th place, considering how last month they all had less than 36293 points.





Even in this case, the changes involve 4 people in this chart:



Whiel in the case of luffy the increase in number of matches won is 87, in all the other cases the people in the chart are completely new. Banisher1 and Vince are also in the points-based chart, confirming their relatively solid performance last month. an interesting thing that can be noted is how Odilonreis and ryuujiid have less wins than mojucohi and Mellocair had last month, potentailly indicating that each month the wins that are several months old are removed from these sums. In any case, considering how last month they had 626 or less wins, Banisher1 and Vince won last month at least 326 and 209 matches, respectively. These are numbers that are higher than those observed last month.


In general, different people were mainly active this month, showing an increased activity compared to what could be inferred last month. Among them, Banisher1 and Vince stood out.

Since the wins-based top 5 charts of this months suggested that each month the matches won that are several months old are no longer counted, it's important to point out that this estimation is likely to underestimate the actual number of matches won each months. It is possible that the activity in this mode is greater than what these charts show.

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