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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (October 2018)

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As usual, here is the monthly update on the activity of ranked matches in the Wii U version through top 5 charts!





As we have seen last month, to have an actual idea of the activity we need to compare with the numbers of the previous month and see how they increased:




By doing this comparison, it's evident that mojucohi and luffy had the biggest increases in points whereas Mellocair, haruto and sea had smaller increases in the last month. The greater increase of points of the former two was enough to reach top spot and second place.





What was seen in the points-based chart can be observed here as well:




hokkaido has an increase of 77, while in the case of luffy and mojucohi, the increase is no less than 160 and 86, respectivaly. The other two people in the top 5 chart of October had a small increase of 3 and 13 for Isaac and Mellocair.


Since we still don't know how the system that takes into account multiple months works, we can't say for sure that the people having smaller increases had less activity in the last month, still there's no doubt that the current top 5 charts feature active people, as at leasst 2 people (luffy and mojucohi) had important increases in both wins and points, indicating as well that there's still enough activity in online ranked matches to allow said increases to happen.

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6 hours ago, Laranjo said:

lobo just DQs every loss btw

Good thing that this ranking doesn't count the lost matches nor the lost points, and only sums the won matches/points...

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