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Sceptile's 8X

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damage: 10,20,40 (70)

scaling: %50 (the scaling is on the last hit so you can't space it to decrease the scaling)

doesn't even break guard.

it's invincible to lows at frame 5(same as 6Y) and midlows at frame 15 which is too slow to ever be useful or be better than jump

It's a frame 39 mid-high.


miscellaneous information:

most oki grabs (non-meaty setup) can shield or counter 8X before it hits them.

7X 6Y:Y 5Y1(scaleless) 8A does less than 150 dmg against the wall.

7X doesn't hit at point-blank.

His 2Y has more range than 9X.


overall this move is broken and just because he's a grass type doesn't mean he can have his worst move to be as broken as this.

and 4X should be frame 15 for fun.


TL;DR: who cares lol.

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