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Mister Wu

Wii U ranked matches top 5 charts (September 2018)

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Here is the update on the top 5 charts for the month of September- terribly late, but still on time (mostly...)!





It's now pretty clear that the method to calculate the point is more complex than expected, if we compare to the results of last month (and the previous ones as well):



OInly Shunkan is back from last month, in first place with 50 points more than the previous month. It's pretty likely that the points are actually considered over few months, so that points obtained more than a few (e.g. more than 3) months ago are no longer added and result in this important change in the charts.





The differences with respect to last month are again evident:



Again, only Shunkan is back from last month in first place, with 2 more victories, which are consistent with the gain of 50 points. This further reinforce the theory that the results of a few months are summed.


This also means that it will be more difficult to evaluate these charts, as the differences from the resutls of the previous month should be considered, and it's possible that some actually active player may not make it to the top 5 chart. With that being said, with important changes in the top 5 charts and the player in first place not having played much in September, next month it should be possible to make considerations on the activity.

For the moment, it can be said that a few active players of the last months apparently had much less activity these last months, possibly indicating that they played a lot in a relatively short time span, attaining important results nonetheless.

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