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Very important(maybe) message

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pokemon: *Disappears into absolute nothingness*

Burst declare: nice try kid.


Machamp: *just rolls like a boss*

Burst declare: *dies*


felt like I didn't upload in a while so here you go,

was working on a synergy orb guide for DX but I ditched it because it didn't have notable differences(couldn't find much actually).

here's libre being libre and breaking the game.


from showing the bottom of the world to getting 4 wall bounces before your opponent recovers because you shifted with 8Y next to the wall.

the devs value her wall bounce as being worth 5 seconds but Blastoise's RL A as 4 seconds, It kind of puts a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm not mad at libre, just kind of felt like Blastoise was a waste of DLC, not his fault though.

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