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Sending Australia to Germany

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Hey folks,


Yall probably don't know me, but I wanted to real quick introduce myself and give a bit of a rundown of what's going on in the Australian Pokkén scene at the moment. I'm one of the head TOs of Australia along with @Santa - and @Jamesibell, and along with @Gintrax and TCL Zeta, we have been organising a fundraiser to get some of our players to Germany for the upcoming, unnamed Pokkén major hosted by Team Calyptus.


We wanted to take a page out of the EU scene's book and fund one person at a time and vote based on donations during the voting period. During the voting phase the person with the highest total money raised will be the first person to be put to the fundraiser, and all money raised during that will go into their fundraising pool. We will open a Paypal for donations, add each donation with a note with one of the following player tags, and at the end of the voting period the highest amount of donations will be put up for fundraising.


SurfingSanta (ranked #3 Aus)
DanDandy (ranked #5 Aus)
Sir Banana (HM on the Aus PR)
ReRaze (That smash 4 player who is now a KFC main)


The reason we have opted for this method is so that we have the voices of people who are actually able to get funded, rather than large quantities of people voting but not being able to donate money. We hope this will allow us to get more people to the event.


For the moment, flights are about $1800 AUD (Australian) via Etihad airlines, these are the flights we are planning to take. Once we have reached that point for each person, a new player will be up for voting. We will repeat the voting process just as before, in case there is a shift in who people want to see sent. Also more players may be added as time goes on.


Donations will be made through Paypal, to "s3605646@student.rmit.edu.au" (I apologise I attempted to make a donation link but I was unable to sorry). At the end of the voting period, all donations will be tallied and donations will continue with updated on funds posted frequently on @PokkenAustralia and in the Australian Pokkén Discord.


Hope to see plenty of support going forward and let's spread the hype!!!

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