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Blaziken's half decent wall carry.

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Before anything, I think it's half decent at most because of the insane scaling on 8Y, %50 scaling is inhumane for such a horrible move(his other anti-air is -37, doesn't counterbreak or even AA on frame 1) and I think it wouldn't hurt if they made it %20-30 scaling, other than that, it carries fairly fast from wall to wall without much PSP cost and you could reset at any time you like.



keep in mind this move in where you lunge into the air to do a knee strike right into your opponent's head doesn't go through light armor.

normal whippersnappers: (8Y2RYA)


Special boys: (8Y2RY)


special cancelling before landing only lands 2 kicks, so just do 8Y2RY, much more easy.

I'd say Mewtwo is hardest and Suicune is easiest.

may have separated M2 and SM2.

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