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Vs. Empoleon "Burning Royalty"

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Vs. Empoleon :Empoleon:


General tips
Defog negates all of our projectiles and even certain support calls but they’ll have to either commit to something right after or its back to neutral. Defog has much more uses in duel phase since their aerial attacks have a much easier time to land like j.Y. j.A, and surf.

Knowing when you can interrupt Aqua Jet and any of their pressure tools are very important if you end up against a wall or on wake up.

Recommended supports


Emolga :Emolga: Can punish every projectile or attack he throws out. Excellent in field phase to help stall out more time and boost yourself with sunnyday.
Dragonite :Dragonite: Can push him back at full screen or even punish his jump in attempts! Good if he’s getting too close.
Rotom :Rotom:  A good support that can shut down Aqua Jet, fY, homing, and j.Y, but they can bait out Rotom with forward dash so keep the pressure on when you use rotom.
Togekiss :Togekiss:  Pretty good on stalling time in field phase, not much compared to duel phase
Farfetch’d  :Farfetchd:One of the fastest supports! Can call out any attack in field and almost every pkmn move followup.
Umbreon :Umbreon: A great get off me support or even can combo into with FCC. stealing their synergy and no crit means you won’t have to worry about getting CA.
Litten :Litten:Fast charging support that can deal tons of damage depending on your HP and Counter pierce their attacks like Rocksmash.
Celebi :Celebi:having the ability to go straight into field phase while getting pressured is great overall, even it you get pierced.

Field phase
Fighting an Empoleon on this phase is one the easiest times you’ll have! Their approach options against Braixen are really poor! Slow movement, slow homing, slow tracking projectiles, and Aqua Jet. You can dodge almost everything from running to the side and punishing their attacks with flame charge or by punishing their jumps with projectiles or boomerang.

Duel phase
Playing around there Aqua jet distance, knowing how to punish the followups, and dealing with drill peak are important when you’re getting pressured! Here’s a list of moves that can punish any of their followup attempts!

Note: Grab will always beat rock smash and jumping will always dodge surf and rock smash.

Aqua Jet lvl 1
Grab > Cut
8Y > Waterfall/Surf (Will whiff against Waterfall but can punish right after)
5X/Y > Cut/Surf
2A > Surf (Enhance will beat Surf)

Aqua Jet lvl 2
8Y > Waterfall/Surf
5X/Y > Surf (Trades against Cut)
2A > Cut/Surf

Aqua Jet lvl 3
2A > Surf/Burst Attack
Grab/2Y > Burst Attack

Drill Peak
Grab > All except Surf
2A > All except Rocksmash but its safe
2Y > All except Rocksmash and Surf but its safe
Burst Attack > Beats all options and raw

Some supports can even interrupt some Aqua Jet follow ups as well like Emolga, Farfetch’d, Mimikyu, Fennekin, and so forth so experimenting when you can interrupt is also important!

Hydro Pump does a ton of chip damage and you don’t want them to continue the pressure so on block its best to Light screen right after if your not against a wall. Drill peak will beat it but they won’t get a full combo which means your safe to continue neutral or even punish a follow up! Against the wall however Drill peak will wallsplat but Enhance Light screen will trade against Drill peak resulting in an Air tech

From close/mid range, their only good moves for approaching or lounge attacks are jump ins, 8X, 2X, and AJ. Once their close enough you can either jump away or play aggressive with 8X. 8X is a really good attack in the MU since there anti airs don’t lead into combos and have a long recovery. They can however 4X to Iframe against flame charge for a punish so only commit to a flame charge after 8X when their against a wall and you're enhanced. Having a slow CA means you can poke safely with 5Y and 2Y or trying to stuff it out by canceling into light screen.

Burst Management
In burst mode, you won’t have to worry about and j.Y but look out for ice beam 6A since it still does hitstun. The last hit of each AJ does hitstun as well! So its beat to punish their AJ and j.Y with burst attack or punish their landing with psybeam. Empoleon is also a 150cc character so he’ll eventually get synergy at least by round 2.

Going to be making some changes and corrections to this sometime this week for more information. Just a basic rundown on the MU so far.


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