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Vs. Machamp "Magic Vs. Might"

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Vs. Machamp :Machamp:


General Tips:


  • Fire spin is an excellent attack for stalling and for keeping him away! Use it as a wall to give you a breather to think!


  • Aim for staying away from him and only contest up close on a knockdown.
  • Make sure every phase shift comes from you shifting! Don't allow them to get any synergy what so ever
  • Don't be predicable when it comes to throwing out projectiles


Recommended Supports



  • Emolga :Emolga: A great support to catch him pressing any buttons in duel and even in field. Speed debuff will not only decrease his movement speed but also their j.X in field phase so you won’t have to worry about getting punished for throwing out anything. Will also force them to either play defensive which can lead into a guard break or force them to press a button to take some damage for a phase shift.
  • Magikarp :Magikarp: Same debuff for emolga but game plan will change from whiff punishing to playing aggressive in duel phase without worrying about guessing wrong. Once Karp lands, you’ll have a free oki attempt then return back to neutral
  • Umbreon :Umbreon: A standard get off me support that steals synergy on hit and gives a crit debuff
  • Ninetales :Ninetales: Can be used as both a get of me and a shutdown support. Either stop his approach for a breather and to stall out more time overall or to lock them down in place for some pressure
  • Eevee :Eevee: A standard support that gives hp and an attack buff. Good to contest against Burst Machamp without using or having Burst mode ready.
  • Togekiss :Togekiss: Amazing for running away in field to stall more time or better positioning yourself. Can also force them to guess as well in duel phase along with playing around our neutral.
  • Mimikyu :Mimikyu: A defensive support that can help give you more room and makes a machamp scared to press anything in field phase. Has uses in duel phase as well! If hit on block meaning It’s your turn after Mimikyu
  • Mismagius :Mismagius: A slower charged support that gives an atk buff while allowing you to either contest up close while its approaching or to use it as a neutral tool to give you a breather.

Field Phase

The start of the round is a knowledge check if they’ll go for bulk up or not. Psybeam can punish so It’s recommended to instantly throw it out at the start.


The moves you’ll be using for neutral will be sY to put out some pressure while staying mobile to dodge certain attacks, bY for knowledge checking and for catching their jumps, and fY to punish their CA or to catch them pressing buttons.


They have ways to approach in field such as side homing, j.X, and Karate Chop which they’ll use if there getting close enough so It’s best to start running away or jumping away once he gets close enough! Simply running away is faster then him running towards you unless their using homing which means he has to commit to a block or jump so if you see him homing towards you, start throwing more projectiles like sY and bY to continue neutral and repeat.


They’ll start CADC our projectiles for meter so don’t go full screen! Instead, make sure you’re able to punish their dash cancels with fY.

Duel Phase

The start of this shift depends on the result from field phase


If you phase shifted with psybeam or if they phase shift with a grab or fY, just like in field phase, they might go into bulk up, which you can punish with a psybeam.


If you boomerang, It’s a guess for them! The safest option would be 2A since it pushes them back on block and on hit, safe against CA and 4Y, and can lead into a combo for better stage control. (Note: 2A will get punished from enhance submission)


For neutral, You want to lock down their approach options as much as possible by reacting! CA there 6X, 8A there jump ins, and 8X or grabbing the roll are all good options to cover each approach.


You can also space away from j.X and low stance any other option he would do airborne and punish!


Even though their roll attack has CA properties, it doesn’t last very long so you can easily stuff it with 8X. Another good thing about their roll is that their unable to go into CA after rolling since pressing X leads to the roll follow-up.


Machamp can deal a ton of pressure up close but don’t be alarm, knowing when you can go back in neutral or try to contest with your own attacks as well can help improve your game! All of their fast pokes (6Y/2Y) can’t lead into a pkmn move so once you see them pressing any of their fast pokes, back away or jump back after blocking and continue neutral! The only standard attacks he can cancel into a pkmn move are all high starters (5Y/8Y) and their pkmn moves are mostly highs and a command grab so your best option is to 2Y for a safe poke or 2X for a knockdown but keep in mind they can cancel there command grab and punish our 2X (note: Close combat will beat both options so keep that in mind)

Other moves that help in neutral are psybeam and enhance delay psybeam which can catch some jump ins and even catch them trying to approach from mid-long range but don’t be predicable when it comes to using psybeam as they can roll through it for a punish. Fire spin is an amazing wall, they can’t roll through it, jumping over it requires strict timing since their horizontal movement is pretty poor along having a below average jump speed.


What supports to look out for

The main supports you should be looking out for are Whimsicott/Pachirisu, and Togekiss.

Both Whimsicott and Pachirisu gives them more room to approach without worrying about our projectiles while Togekiss helps their mobility but still have to work around our projectiles to an extend.

Burst management

Gameplan changes depending on who’s closer to Burst mode or who has Burst mode ready.


99% of the time you’ll get your Burst mode faster than theirs but be aware that since they have a large amount of HP and the fact they’ll be around the center of the stage more often for synergy drops, they won’t be too far behind.


Even though you can zone Machamp easily, It’s recommended to phase shift as soon as possible in field phase for the synergy boost.


The only time I advise to put out as much damage as possible or for a better position for a phase shift is when you both have Burst mode ready or If they do (If you’re running a disruption support or a support that gives an attack buff)!

Fighting Burst Mode

For field phase, you want to run as long as possible to wait out their burst mode! Togekiss can help with this!


In Duel phase, It’s a lot harder to wait it out compared to field phase so its best to either have an attack buff or have burst mode yourself.


Overall we simply have the advantage for neutral! As long you play it safe with little to no mistakes, you shouldn’t have to worry about them ever getting close to you! Stay in mid-long range and react to whatever approach option they do! Keep an eye on their Synergy gauge and be prepare for when they go into burst mode. You can easily lose the round from 2-3 guesses.

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