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Focus Blast Oki

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Focus Blast when meaty:

  • Is +4-5 on block
  • Does 5-15 chip damage
  • Is safe on not only counters but also reversals like ExtremeSpeed


This makes is a pretty good oki option - and the keys to getting the most out of it are knowing how to set it up and being aware of how much PSP you have.


Setting up Focus Blast Oki


Field Phase


You can set up for Focus Blast Oki in Duel Phase by landing charged or uncharged CA in field, either with the raw CA or as a followup from crit 4AA, as shown here:


You can also set up Focus Blast oki after shifting with JX in field - but there's one condition with this move. The angle at which you land JX affects the distance the opponent is knocked back, affecting your followup options off of focus blast oki. The more directly above you are when you land JX, the shorter the knockback distance will be. If you land JX at a more diagonal angle, the knockback will be further and you won't be able to threaten with grab after setting up your oki.


Duel Phase (Midscreen)


You can setup Focus Blast oki midscreen either off of an aerial 2X knockdown during a juggle, or following a 6YX knockdown. The latter sets up for more overall damage so that one is usually preferable. You can set up for this best off a JY juggle either from an antiair or a launcher. Height control a key factor when setting this up in order to reduce how far your opponent is pushed back on the knockdown from 6YX:


Unfortunately, you can't setup Focus Blast oki off of [CA] > 6YY in a way that puts you plus within grab range because you can't control the height of where 6YX hits following CA. You could also set up for this from midscreen by using wall carry to take the opponent into corner for the setup.


Duel Phase (corner)


There are a few moves you can use in the corner with or without wallsplat to setup for Focus Blast Oki at the wall such as 6Y/6YY:

or JX:


or even crit Fire Punch!




Focus Blast Oki followups: High/Low and PSP

One thing you always have to keep in mind with Mewtwo is that because he doesn't have any safe mids, it affects interactions in certain situations - this being one of those. Two of Mewtwo's best followups after focus blast oki are 5Y and 2X, neither of which are mids. You have to do some risk/reward assessment when deciding which option to go for because if your opponent tries to guess high/low and they guess right, you could either eat a low poke/sweep or a jump-in/divekick/aerial. With this in mind, 5Y is the safest followup of the two. 5Y also deals the most damage midscreen when there's low remaining phase shift points (PSP).  iAD JY is a good followup if you don't wanna guess high/low, but the drawback would be that you'd be trading damage for covering high/low if you don't have much PSP left. After most Focus Blast oki setups midscreen, you usually have enough PSP to followup with either 5Y > 5AA or 2X:X/2X:X > 6X. In the corner, you can get more followup damage when there's low PSP with 2X. If you have low PSP or if you aren't sure how much PSP you have left, you can go for 2X > W! > JX > 6A for a nice, juicy 207 damage.


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