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Pokkén North America Internationals Stats

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Here are some stats for the North American Internationals.


ThankSwalot and Toasty both continue their own streaks of placing top 8 in every tournament they have attended this season.
ThankSwalot placing 1st at NA Internationals and Toasty placing 3rd in NA Internationals.

ThankSwalot previous placings:

  • 7th Place Final Boss 2017
  • 2nd Place Burst Attack @ Thalia Beach
  • 5th Place Frosty Frausting X
  • 2nd Place Winter Brawl 2018
  • 2nd Place Final Round 2018
  • 1st Place Norcal Regional 2018
  • 1st Place Combo Breaker 2018
  • 7th Place DreamHack Austin 2018

Toasty previous placings:

  • 4th Place Final Boss 2017
  • 1st Place Burst Attack @ Thalia Beach
  • 4th Place Frosty Fraustings X
  • 5th Place DreamHack Austin 2018

This is Shadowcat's first appearance in Top 8 placing 5th. His notable matches being his lose to Oreo (1-2) in Winners Round 3. In losers before Top 8 Shadowcat beat Maverick (2-1), Cooljake (2-0), & Twixxie (2-0).
In Top 8 Shadowcat lost to ThankSwalot (1 - 3).

Oreo also had his best placing at NA Internationals at 5th Place.

Oreo's previous placings:

  • 13th Place at Final Boss 2017
  • 13th Place at Frosty Frausting X
  • 25th Place at Winter Brawl 2018
  • 7th Place Burnside Brawl
  • 7th Place Battle of Castelia

In bracket Oreo beat ShadowCat (2-1) in Winners Round 3, then loses to Allister (0-2). Then in Loser's, Oreo beat Zyflair (2-1), TheMuscle (2-1), and Double (2-1). In Top 8 Oreo lost to Mewtater (1-3). Oreo as a player has seen a steady climb over the season with a dip at Winter Brawl. He a player to keep a eye since he inching closer in placements.

Double and Twixxie both placed 9th place at NA Internationals. This is the first time for both players did not be in Top 8 this season.

Double's previous placings:

  • 2nd place at DreamHack Denver 2017 
  • 3rd place at Burst Attack @ Thalia Beach
  • 2nd place at Combo Breaker 2018.

Twixxie's previous placings:

  • 1st place at DreamHack Denver 2017 
  • 5th place at Final Boss 2017 
  • 4th place at Burst Attack @ Thalia Beach
  • 5th Place at NEC 2017
  • 2nd Place at Frosty Frausting X
  • 1st Place at Winter Brawl 2018
  • 1st Place at Final Round 2018
  • 1st Place at Battle of Castelia
  • 2nd Place at DreamHack Austin 2018


In Top 8 there were 9 different support sets used over 44 games. In these 44 games there is 88 chances for a support set to make a appearance when we include both player 1 and player 2 side.

Togekiss / Rotom has had the most appearances of all the support sets. In these appearances there are two instances where this support mirrored itself.
The first mirror being in game 4 of Shadowcat vs Allister in Losers Round One of Top 8. Where Shadowcat played Braixen with Togekiss / Rotom and on the other side Allister played Mewtwo with Togekiss / Rotom. In all 3 of the rounds in game 4 both players used Togekiss for all 3 rounds.
The second mirror was in the set between Mewtater and Oreo in Top 8 Losers Quarter Finals. Mewtater and Oreo both used Togekiss / Rotom for the entire set. Togekiss was used for every round except in games 1, 2, and 3 where Mewtater used Rotom in the last round of those games. Where as Oreo stuck with Togekiss for the entire set.

Togekiss / Rotom was used for a total of 64 rounds.
Togekiss was used for 51 rounds (roughly 80% of the total rounds).
The characters (players) that used Togekiss include:

  • 10 rounds w/ Braixen (Shadowcat)
  • 41 rounds w/ Mewtwo (Allister, Oreo, Mewtater)

Rotom was used for 13 rounds (roughly 20% of the total rounds).

The character (players) that used Rotom include:

  • 4 rounds w/ Mewtwo (Mewtater)
  • 9 rounds w/ Empoleon (ThankSwalot)

The other support set I wanna make note is Emolga / Fennekin. This set did not have any mirror matches but it did the 3rd most use of the support sets.
Emolga / Fennekin was used for a total of 36 rounds.
Emolga was used for 24 rounds ( 67%  of the total rounds).

  • 4 Rounds w/ Lucario (Toasty)
  • 11 Rounds w/ Braixen (Shadowcat)
  • 5 Rounds w/ Sceptile (Toasty)
  • 4 Rounds w/ Mewtwo (Mewtater)

Fennekin was used for 12 Rounds ( 33% of the total rounds).

  • 8 Rounds w/ Lucario (Toasty)
  • 4 Rounds w/ Sceptile (Toasty)

The main thing I want to highlight is not the characters it was partnered with but how often it was used against ThankSwalot. Emolga / Fennekin was used 27 rounds against ThankSwalot. Which is 75% of the total rounds.
There were 19 Rounds of Emolga and 8 Rounds of Fennekin against ThankSwalot.
Toasty used Emolga / Fennekin in the Winners Final set versus ThankSwalot where he used both support Pokemon. Shadowcat used Emolga / Fennekin in his set against ThankSwalot, but he only used Emolga against ThankSwalot for the entire set. Mewtater used Emolga / Fennekin for 2 of the 3 games he played against ThankSwalot. He used only Emolga in those two games. Game three he swapped to the Togekiss / Rotom set.

The last 9 rounds of Emolga / Fennekin where used against RoksoTheSavage. Toastyer used Sceptile with Emolga / Fennekin against RoksoTheSavage for 4 games.

On a small note for the support sets Umbreon / Espeon & Mew / Celebi. Espeon and Celebi both saw zero play.

Allister's Suicune and Mewtater's Mewtwo only used Umbreon in the respective sets. Then Toasty's Decidueye only used Mew for it's respective set.


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