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Assistants to an Esper: A Mewtwo Support Guide

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There are a number of support options to consider when playing Mewtwo - but the question is which ones are best suited either for Mewtwo as a character or for dealing with certain matchups? That's what I'm hoping to answer in this guide. Now there is still some room for development in this part of the Mewtwo meta, so this may be updated with new support options in the future when we find some that are particularly useful for Mewtwo across a number of matchups or for a specific matchup. Here I'll list 2 supports that serve Mewtwo well across several matchups along with other supports that help Mewtwo out in specific matchups.


Generally solid support picks


Togekiss: :Togekiss:


The classic favorite among Mewtwo players in the west that was pushed by Thulius himself before becoming a common trend. Togekiss's speed increase makes Mewtwo's already strong neutral in duel phase even better and gives his homing attack in field insanely good ability to whiff punish or segway around certain options in field using side homing. The health Togekiss gives also grants Mewtwo a bit of additional longevity.


Eevee:  :Eevee:

Another favorite support pick among Mewtwo players all across the world, Eevee serves as a major boon for dealing with opponents in burst through the attack buff it gives - especially 100/150 CC characters that can get access to their bursts reliably once a round at least. The attack buff is also helpful for giving Mewtwo additional damage output, which is helpful for keeping up with damage output of certain characters or quicker finishing opponents with higher HP pools.



Useful supports for certain matchups


Magikarp: :Magikarp:

I've found Magikarp to be very helpful for dealing with Chandelure in duel phase as the only way Chandelure can get a knockdown while getting hit by Karp is by using 8X, which is pretty slow and plenty reactable (she could also push you back with smog to trade w/ Karp but so long as you air tech towards her after getting hit with smog, you'll be able to keep advantage on the knockdown). Karp allows M2 to get a free knockdown in duel phase against Chandy and enables him to approach and force an oki situation. Magikarp can also be pretty strong against zoners in general, as the looming threat of the knockdown from Karp makes them hestiant to throw out a button and can give Mewtwo an opportunity to get a grab.


Fennekin: :Fennekin:

Fennekin acts as an invinicble wakeup option against characters with strong advantage states during oki - this allows you to wakeup without having to make a guess. Fennekin is also pretty helpful for dealing with Empoleon's aqua jet options on block, as it beats out all of the followups out of aqua jet except for Cut (I talk more about the full utility of Fennekin as well as other support options in this matchup in the Empoleon matchup guide). Just know that opponents in burst will be able to easily punish Fennekin calls when baited out and is not helpful in the Garchomp matchup anymore now that Dig can punish Fennekin using the projectile invcibility it has for several frames.


Umbreon: :Umbreon:

Along the same vein, Umbreon performs the same functions as Fennekin does. The major differences with Umbeon being that while Umbreon charges slower than Fennekin, Umbreon's attack comes out immediately - making it harder to bait out and punish. It's also important to know that Umbeon's attack leaves you -4 on block, whereas Fennekin leaves you +4 so be sure to keep in mind.


Pachirisu: :Pachirisu:

Pachirisu can be an interesting anti-zoning tool as it creates openings for punishes with its projectile invincibility. Lately, I've also found Pachirisu to be helpful for clearing Sceptile's leech seeds in duel phase (Pachi can also erase bullet seed, but only while they're in the air before they hit the ground).


Snivy: :Snivy:

Snivy is pretty handy in the Charizard matchup, as a Snivy call in reaction to moves like Zard's field J[Y]/JY and sY can give Mewtwo a knockdown in field and a chance to setup oki. Snivy himself can also be used as an oki setup, as Snivy leaves you plus on block after Leaf Tornado and the hitbox is active long enough to help deal with wakeup CAs.


Emolga: :Emolga:

A support that keeps CA-happy opponents in check and is useful as a reactionary tool to certain options like Sceptile's leech seed planting or Aegislash's switch to shield form.


Mismagius: :Mismagius:'

A favorite counterpick against Aegislash, Mismagius can keep Aegislash's shield form in check with the advancing piercing hurtbox and can set up for an unblockable on oki. The attack buff also gives Mewtwo even more reward off of exchanges won in neutral, which can help end rounds quicker.


Ninetales: :Ninetales:

The only support that will reliably bail you out of guessing on wakeup against Garchomp in the corner. Dig's projectile invincibility lets him iframe through Fennekin with ease and Umbreon with proper timing, but Ninetales' pushback prevents Chomp from punishing calling it on wakeup, neither by dig or by Burst Attack.




Supports to be further evaluated


Mega Rayquaza: :MegaRayquaza:

With the recent buffs, I've been considering Mega Ray as a potential pick against Suicune (as a way to stuff Suicune's JY zoning or other aerial options) as well as against Aegislash. Will update this once I've done more testing myself or gotten feedback/evaluations/support about Mega Ray from the other Mewtwo players.













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I'd add Latios Purge to this list. This style of playing can drain your senergy drastically though. With support cheering you always can call out Latios when neesed to. This purging locks them up into those barriers, ofcourse they'll try to escape so this is when you hyper beam them, they either take the high damage, get the defense down or they'll stand still and block, which is a perfect opportunity for a nice grab attack or pierce attack.

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