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(Corrected) All the new moves/options in the July 11th update.

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If you don't see your character it's probably because they didn't get a new move/option.

moves that have different properties but no input difference don't count as new moves.

moves that can be cancelled into other moves like pokemon moves, holding down input, just frames or pressing R are new options.

TLDR: press R to cancel



Can now air dash (Burst) (J.R)

Midair Aura Sphere can be air dashed after with B (Burst) (J.AB)



Electro Ball can transition into jump with R (4AR)

8X can be transition into jump with a boost (like J.AR) with 4-5-6R (8X6R)

nY first and second hits can be cancelled with pokemon moves (nYbA/ nYYbA)



J.4Y+B makes him roll forward before grabbing (very green and pretty reactable) (J.4Y+B)

]X[: new move! (very good anti-air, if you charge it for long enough it gets enhanced for more damage and less scaling(charge it for 20 seconds for even more damage but some scaling), both versions are invincible against both highs and mid highs on frame 1,

probably a good get up option on certain oki's if your opponent isn't looking out for it, -16 on block)



Hydro pump can be cancelled with R either instantly or at the last second depending on your timing (6AR)

Blizzard can be cancelled with R by jumping back but you have slight control of your direction, also can't do aerials (J.AR)



6Y: new move!

longer range than 6A and has 2PSP.


Imp: 19

Blk: -8 and barely positive with maximum range

Hit: +4(+19 in the air) ,connects with 2Y max range (mostly a midscreen aerial combo tool as I predicted)

"max range" is when 6A would whiff


6Y can permeate into the ground before or right after 6Y (6YR)

6YX can permeate into the air after 6YX (6YXR) and it did permeate through Suicune's 8Y

sY can be cancelled with pokemon moves (sYbA)



J.R(field and duel) can air dash up and down (J.2X/J.8X) 8X8R is a pretty good anti-air and fast cross-up into J.[A] (J.[A] seems to restore air dash infinitely)

J.Y can be cancelled with pokemon moves even if it whiffs (J.Y[A]) 8X5RYA(+6), 8Y2RYA(+12) and instant J.5RYA(-2) auto cancels on ground and is usually plus on block (depending on the setup you use) but it's pretty hard to use it since there's no hit-stun or landing lag



s[Y]/sY[Y] when enhanced, hold the button to electro jump forward (s[Y]/sY[Y]) (you can also wall jump off of it with weird angles)



6YY can transition into Hang with R ([CA] 6Y:YR8Y 8Y 6 8Y)



J.8Y new move wow thank god

basically J.Y but without the fireballs, kind of like weavile's and blaziken's J.Y except better frame data and worse combo potential



J.R can be cancelled with pokemon moves (J.RA)



6YX new just frame making 4 just frame attacks



8[Y] can now charge 8Y to be bigger but no counter breaking

this isn't exactly a new option but J.8X can now drop a bomb if it whiffs or the opponent blocks it

doesn't drop if you hit the opponent



]A[ Bug Bite but without Bullet Punch so instead of 2AY+B you just input ]A[ (]A[)

Swords Dance can be dash cancelled forward with 6R (5AA6R)



nYX: nY can cancel into bX (nYX/nY[X])

5YX: 5Y and 5YY can cancel into 2X (5YX/5Y[X]) (slide Y in duel doesn't cancel into 2X to stop infinites)

inputting 1X makes 2X go nowhere, could be helpful for 2[X] combos against the wall (1X/1[X]) (2/1[X] now connects with J.Y and 5X, you can also slide forward with 1X)

kinda feel like they buffed J.Y(field) to fall faster



J.Y(field) can go up and down in height (J.fY goes up, J.bY goes down, J.nY goes forward, J.sY goes left or right) no diagonals



nAbA(field) Blastoise shoots two aura spheres up.

J.bX(field) instantly sends you down with no tracking (you can't press down after you've inputted J.nX)

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