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Nebraska Pokkén H2H (Winter Quarter 2018)

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Just as a heads up, I'll be moving stat posts I made on Twitter to here, so a lot of if will be copy & paste with some edits to make things easier to understand.


Here is the head to head for Nebraska for the winter quarter taking from all the Legendary Wolf tournaments and Hypertension Tournament from this Quarter.NEB1.thumb.png.69b651cc46d10ddd1d1330f8fc42d71b.pngNEB2.thumb.png.9c117d4f2f775b62b1593b528594ad8c.png 

SirSpudd and Raftsmew273 have the highest win rates in both sets and matches in the Winter Quarter. SirSpudd has a 84% win rate in sets and a 74% win rate in matches, while Raftsmew273 has a 85% win rate in sets and a 76% win rate in matches. Raftsmew273 is the only player to hold a winning record against SirSpudd this quarter. Raftsmew and SirSpudd both have one player match up where they are both even with another player.
Raftsmew273 is tied 1 - 1 against SkyRasen and SpirSpudd is tied 1 - 1 against Fiora.
A thing to note about Raftsmew273 vs SkyRasen is that Raftsmew273 us actually up matches against SkyRasen 3 - 2. At Hypertension 23 SkyRasen won 2 - 0 in Winners Semi Final where SkyRasen's Machamp beat Raftsmew273's Aegislash. Then Raftsmew273 ran it back in Loser's Final 3 - 0 against SkyRasen. Raftsmew273 Suicune beat SkyRasen's Machamp in Losers Final.

On the other hand, SirSpudd is even in matches against Fiora 3 - 3. At Hypertension 22 SirSpudd beat Fiora Blastoise 2 - 1 with Gengar against Fiora's Blastoise. Then at Hypertension 23 Fiora ran it back 2 - 1 losing one match as Decidueye, but winning 2 matches with Braixen against SirSpudd's Gengar. A interesting note is that both these sets happened in Losers Round 3 in their respective brackets.

Raftsmew273 and SirSpudd played all their matches at Hypertension22. Raftsmew273 winning in Winners Quarter Final and Grand Final Reset. SirSpudd won the first set of Grand Finals where he reset Raftsmew273.
Raftsmew273 won 2-1 in WQF. SirSpudd used Gengar match one and lost then switch to Scizor for matches 2 & 3. While Raftsmew273 used Suicune matches 1 & 2 and swapped to Aegislash match 3.
Then in Grand Final SirSpudd reserve swept Raftsmew273 using only Gengar where Raftsmew273 used Aegislash matches 1, 2, and 3 and then using Suciune matches 4 & 5.

Raftsmew273 then 3 - 0 SirSpudd in the Grand Final Reset where Raftsmew273 only used Suicune while SirSpudd used Gengar in matches 1 and 2 and game 3 used Scizor.


The last thing I want to note is the character diversity in Nebraska using Picano, SKDale, Cilliansoulus, and SorryTag as examples. Nebraska loves to learn and practice different matches, but the main person I want to point out is Cillian. She may not find the most success but it's the Braixen I find interesting. She didn't find much success until she swapped to Braixen, The main thing I want to highlight is the willingness to experiment and use other characters even if you aren't finding success right away. This willingness to learn and experiment does end up leading her to success. Even though her win rates are 28% in Sets and 32% in matches, she has nearly a 50% win rate with her Braixen. Even though there doesn't look like much success initially she is actually improving quite a lot. She finds some of her first successes at Legendary Wolf 5/22 in LR1 against HaruHazu winning his Machamp & Pika Libre using Braixen and then at Legendary Wolf 5/29 beating ET and HaruHazu. Cillian is a player who is on the rise and slowly starting to figure out what she needs to be doing and that makes her a interesting player to keep tabs on. 

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