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NorCal Pokkén H2H as of Burst Attack DX 10

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Just as a heads up, I'll be moving stat posts I made on Twitter to here, so a lot of if will be copy & paste with some edits to make things easier to understand.

This is the current head to head for NorCal Pokkén using all the locals we have had for our Spring Quarter.NorCal1.thumb.png.f679288c90850f8fe9108540e8f97886.png

The first thing I would like to make note of is that STDX | Allister has the best overall record with a 73% win rate in sets and 71% win rate in matches, while only holding one losing set record to TimTheToolMan
Zyflair is trailing behind him with a solid amount of positive records, but also holds a few even set records against Couch, TimTheToolMan, and Vuvho. He also holds two losing records against STDX | Allister and AqUa iGamer.
STDX | Allister has played 5 unique characters in this quarter's locals. The most recent being Aegislash at BA DX 10. STDX Allister's Sceptile has only seen one set this quarter which it lost, It was played against Couch at BA DX7 in Loser's Round 3. Couch won this set using Machamp w/ Whimsicott & Jirachi. Couch did drop the first game where he was using Mew & Celebi as his support set but swapped for matches 2 and 3.
The we have Zyflair whose most used character this quarter is Lucario. Recently he has pulled out Sceptile at BA DX 9 & 10. His Sceptile has seen play against IcySoapy, Vuvho, and Nether where it has won all the sets against these players. Having won against IcySoapy's Chandilure, Nether's Gengar & Lucario, and Vuvho's Blastoise.
There is another player I want to make note of and that would be FangShaymin (Serena). She holds a really strong win record and has placed 2nd at every local she has attended so far. Her worst player match up being Zyflair. She is 1 win and 3 loses in sets and 4 wins and 10 loses in matches against Zy. If you remove her record versus Zyflair she sees a significant rise in win rate to 78% in sets and 58% in matches. Her match win rate is still lower than STDX | Allister and Zyflair in matches and this is because FangShaymin's sets tend to be longer drawn out. Where as STDX | Allister and Zyflair are much more decisive in their set wins than FangShaymin.

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