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Self-Start Guide

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New to Pokkén Tournament DX?
Looking to improve?
Want to play competitively?

You're at the right place!

Step 1: Tutorial


Play the game's tutorial! It's actually a fantastic tutorial that teaches you the basic foundation of Pokkén. Feel free to try the Action Dojo and Combo Dojo with the character you want to play with in order to get a better idea of their moves!


Step 2: Video Series


Now that you have a basic understanding, get a very detailed understanding! This is the ultimate Pokkén Tournament DX guide for beginners! It is a great series, but it's recommended you give this first one a watch!


Step 3: Notation


Want to learn how to read and write attacks and combos? Take a look at this!
notationweirdrevision (1) (2).png

Step 4: Characters


Decided on which character to use? Want to learn more about other characters? This page has all of the characters you can click on in order to get a summary and description of their moves/combos.

Step 5A: Intro to Frame Data


What is Frame Data? Why is it important?
Give this video a watch:



Step 5B: Using Frame Data


Here is a video that teaches you how to utilize frame data:





Here is every character's frame data. Use the tabs at the bottom to view different characters: 


Step 6: Detailed Mechanics


Want to dive deeper into the game's mechanics? Go to this page and look under the characters:

Have any more questions? Still hungry for some knowledge?

Join the Pokkén Community Discord! Discord is a free to use software that let's you easily communicate with other gamers! See you there!

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